7 reasons not to work together with his girlfriend

Paradis.com.ua_18.03.2015_7Sw5AwIwSW6ziWe once wrote in our magazine that it is impossible to meet with his counterpart. But since you barged in and forced to work at one job with his «curlaway», which already share a roof, or just step away from this, look until it is too late, why should not do it. As said Zhenya Lukashin: «Will go back and forth, back and forth.» 24 hours a day. Well, actually…

1. I want you on the Director’s Desk

How can I concentrate on work when «the most beautiful of all the fairies» sitting in front of me and the only thing you can do is to close and remain empty vordovsky document and share with it features extreme love somewhere in the pantry. And then the problem: did not fulfill the plan, low academic performance, low grades and calling parents to the Director.

You say that «500 days of summer» the main character, the presence of the object of adoration with inspiration. But I remember what the whole story ended?

2. Dirty linen in public

Here’s how to work out if this monster yesterday or in the morning, all nerves exhausted, ruined the mood, threw a tantrum (take your pick) on the most trifling occasion, and now sitting here together with their monthly and annoys you, but still evil eyes at the vampire with a fashionable hairstyle! And kind of loving zvezdas will not give a lot of extra eyes and people are scared. And soul gnaw unspoken in the morning claim, because, as you know, a good idea comes afterward. And here you walk through the corridors, turned on the warpath, and cling to each other, competing in wit. And your thoughts are not work, and attempt to understand, do you love still this fool and how to fix it so as not to seem weak.

3. Infidelity, betrayal, mania

«What the hell is she so long in my head? It is the fifth time looking at the head of the Department! There’s something wrong… is It too much to communicate with Sigismund! Says just colleagues… I Know these colleagues, first outside and then inside! It is necessary to put an end to it! Now stand up and believe!» – these are the thoughts you have in relation to your magical fairies and other colleagues. Not only that the work will not be able to concentrate and instead of a night of love with the object of jealousy, so you can’t GIMP with offended head, and with all colleagues quarrel. And to quarrel with them is not necessary.

4. Don’t interfere with my career, bitch!

«That bitch is ambitious, just like me. You have to give her to read «Domostroy». There is old Russian white, that man around the head. The Deputy should be me! I would understand better! And she let it stay in its place. What a good post, just for women. I know better, she does not know how to lead.» – do you think looking at how your virgin is rapidly moving up the career ladder. Even faster than you. Especially in the moment when you are directly competing with each other for a project. Hence the jealousy, complexes and dissatisfaction. Remember the movie «anchorman: the legend of Ron Burgundy». Despite the irony, a similar problem in the movie revealed perfectly. However, not only that.

And damn, what a project with which she spoke, you wrote, took it. You also want to feed her, carry on abroad, buying her iPhones, and the result is the opposite… In General bad if not for one big hairy BUT: all colleagues know that she is cooler than you. She worked in another place…

5. I’m watching you

«Oh, God, there she is again!» – think you, smiling to his girlfriend at the time, when I wanted to stand and smoke on the sidelines. And then she reminds you that you’re supposed to «cigarettes» quit. And then, imagine the scene, you hang out with a gorgeous colleague with the appropriate breast size, and she all of a like an angel descended from heaven and last retouching and processing in a glossy magazine. Let’s say you’re a loyal idealist and just deal with it, even without a second thought. You stupidly interesting to know her opinion about the aggressive foreign policy of the ruler of the Babylonian Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar II. And in the climax, when you know that she is madly in love with the Romanian dictator Ceausescu, at the crucial moment you receive your Mrs and you began to strongly embracing (it is necessary to show whose property you), to hint at the lady of the impossibility of invading other people’s possessions. And so all the time. She knows you, every step of the way and never tired of jealous to everything in your office wears a bra. Even to sulfa the Karlovna, which exceeded 100 before the revolution.

Separation, even short – it’s a breeze to fire relationships. And so you see him 24 hours a day (and here you’re lucky if you live with your mother), your fire syreet tears of frustration, confusion and boredom, and in the end, tantrums, scandals and… the end of your relationship.

6. Hit parade gossip

Everyone is your friend, from cleaners to bosses, will be knowing the latest gossip about you. Suppose someone heard you in conversation with her maid said: «Sorry, tired of work. The power does not remain» – so someone crafty mind immediately notified all that you have no sex life and, in General, you are impotent. And you’re nothing but meant no time for wallpapering. But everything is still. You will constantly discuss, to pound, to pass through the filters of their own guesses and fantasies. And then the looks and snide questions… Any phrase in a raised voice – you had a fight. We exchanged smiles – so just have sex in the warehouse. And then some uncle Bob will teach you a happy family life and sick of exclusive tips. Worse would be if the latest gossip about you will be publicly rude jokes your head. All the fun, the laughter… It is necessary to you? You say that you won’t give a reason? You will find, don’t worry. You will be quiet and calm and will think that you are practicing strap-on and steal children.

7. Coming home is a joy

Home to talk about. I not said not done. Especially if you are the boss, and gave her such an order, which the delicate female body climbed out of nasty, hairy dissatisfaction and resentment. Work adds of claims and disputes. I do not want to see each other. After work, want to escape, hugging a loved one, but it has become resistant to associate with the hated work, and in the end, the relationship does not bring joy. So man, avoid it as you can.

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