7 questions we can’t ask a friend

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_z6IpqAUowwNbBSometimes you allow a moment of weakness turn into the wet kind of guy and start babbling about their problems. Of course, it is nothing to be ashamed of, not only women can cry for no reason. The more you know that we are always ready to support your guy and give some valuable tips.

Can you give a weakness with us, but when the next girl, you should always be on the alert. Sometimes you just have nothing to say, and you’re startin ‘ to complete crap, so it’s time to get rid of this bad habit.

Their inept talk can ruin the relationship with your girlfriend. You can ask stupid and irrelevant questions, and what, now we tell you:

1. «What’s wrong with you? Why are you always doing?»

If she chases you, you better not ask her that question. Your goal is to tame their negative emotions. And this remark on the contrary you will cause her to rage, and there already and to violence in the neighborhood, you.

Instead of coming down on her, try to calmly explain why you don’t like her behavior and how you feel when she does something like that. If she forgot my lock of hair in the bathroom, just tell her that when she cleans up after herself, you feel she is attentive and caring. It will be much more efficient.

2. «Why don’t you ever do what I want?»

Such a statement creates a climate of despair, uncertainty and shit. Aren’t you a naughty woman? Why does anyone have to do what you want. Accept the fact that she is a free person, you don’t have to kill it a person, she is not obliged entirely to adapt to you. You could set it so hard that in the end she’ll freak out and dump some quiet nerd.

3. «Why are you so lazy/selfish/ungrateful?»

If you want it changed, then first you have to provide it with fertile soil. What are you going to cut it day after day and to blackmail, nothing happens. She did not stop to put the beet dish, though, and knows that you hate if you’re shouting at her. But she can stop doing this, if you offer her an attractive alternative: it doesn’t put the beets – you tell me where lies a new password of its Wi-Fi.

4. «Why can’t you just relax?»

True in those days, when a friend fucking PMS. She has accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction, which is difficult to handle. There are many reasons for her disorder, so she’s not on the team aside everything and relax. Such is the nature of girls. If it’s fundamentally in the «dark days», then you better leave her alone, she is really very bad.

5. «You want me to leave?»

What? Get rid of that dress and wipe that lipstick off your lips! It seems that you have specifically entered the role of suffering woman. Need to get out of there. Why are you showing some kind of weakness? After a couple of months you’ll think, what a jackass you were. If you give her a chance to see your insecurity, it’ll work a typical chick flick mechanism. She will invent some nonsense, believe in it and really will dump you because she doesn’t need an insecure man.

6. «Are you sure you want to be with me?»

After this question, your girlfriend may think that you want to merge. In the end, she will start to do all sorts of crap, which you really want to leave her. So it is better not to risk and not to ask such questions.

Psychologists say that such an uncertainty on your part can lead to dire consequences, because your friend will no longer see you as a sexual object.

7. «Can I trust you/you lying to me?»

First, you’ll never know the correct answer, and secondly, make her take defensive tactics. Here’s the thing: either you trust your friend – then shut your mouth, or do not trust – then get out of it faster. It is impossible to live without trust, and constantly to suspect a person of something.

Remember to start at what point do you no longer trust it. If it is due to the fact that she really screwed up or screwed you, you think, who you live with. If the distrust is there from the start and unjustified, then you ought to be treated for paranoia.

By the way, if you do ask her any of these questions, then you definitely need to buy glycine or to drink a course of tincture of Valerian. You’re not a hysterical woman, which are afraid of losing their last hope in the form of a man? So try to relax a little. Better not worry about small things, and the girl herself will run away from you: think you are hysterical YAP. If it is absolutely boiling, then write to us the editor, unless, of course, will not be able to find answers to questions in existing articles.

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