7 questions to ask yourself at the end of the week

what I have to ask myself

Many of us live life, and not acquainted with them really because we leave little time for introspection. We are so busy seeking answers to other people’s questions, solutions to other people’s problems, that we forget to ask ourselves. Know yourself: it is not wise.

Wisdom is not knowing all the answers to all the questions, and the ability to raise the question of the right things. Life is long, and simple questions that you ask yourself regularly, determine the person you become.

At least, you need to leave time for yourself at the end of each week. This is your personal time-out, during which you can introspect and ask yourself questions such as those we have listed below.

1. What a pleasant surprise was waiting for me this week?

Life is dynamic, it is constantly updated and offers you new opportunities. You, if, to be perfectly honest, I can never be sure when a new wind blows and what it will bring to you. Open to meet surprises and pay attention. Many of them will bring you benefits that you never knew existed.

The best and most valuable discoveries can come to you when you’re not expecting them, in places where you never thought to look. What you are looking for, maybe even better than any thing you’ve longed to find. Carefully go towards her goal, however, if flexible, or risk Sacharissa and not notice anything around. Don’t be blind for those unpredictable possibilities and wonders that you can see in this race peripheral vision.

You’re never too old, too young, too busy, too well-educated to find joy in new and unexpected possibilities. Be open and enjoy the pleasant surprises. In the daily rush it’s easy not to pay any attention to them.

2. Why this week has taught me my job?

This question will help you to understand the difference between activity and achievement. You will always have the usual duties to perform which, you will need to work, but what else you got out of your work this week? What have you learned that you can use in the future? Of course, there were successes and failures — smart ideas brought to life, failed and useless idea. Think about these events, use them for yourself.

Analyze whole week from beginning to end. It was a week imitation flurry of activity? It had been a busy and productive week? Relax and admit your successes and failures, especially if this week had problems. If you lost a job or haven’t found a solution to a problem, it just means that next week you are waiting for a breakthrough. What you learn leads you right to him.

3. To relate my current efforts with the goals that I set for myself?

Are not only your significant achievements, but also what you do every day. Dream of great things, but Sosnovy that the short-term and realistic goals is the key to great success. Your desired achievements are directly related to your daily activities. How you spend your time affects what you will become.

So make sure you used the efforts (small picture) really connected with what you want to achieve (the full picture).

Hedonists avoid pain and discomfort at any cost, they don’t need to be. If those who truly understand the cost and benefit of work, difficult situations, and everything that is commonly avoided. Be prepared to sacrifice short-term pleasure for happiness in the future. Try to be effective than to seek out problems easier. While everyone else is looking for a short way, find the course which will provide you real results.

4. That I could spend more (or less) time?

Most of us spend too much time on the urgent and very little time left on important. In other words, being productive is not only to bring the case to the end, but to accomplish the right thing.

At the end of each week look back and appreciate that you took the time to plan more wisely next week. Try to get rid of nigromarginatus in the schedule to have more time to devote to the things that matter. It means to exclude from the plan all the minor things to fill your life with what matters to you. And, most importantly, know when to postpone important things to do the most important in your life such as family.

5. As fear and uncertainty affect what I did or didn’t do)?

Don’t know which way to go, it is hard, but even worse to stand still and never make a decision. So you need to think about your fears and analyze them weekly. You have to stop them, so they don’t stop you when you go forward in life.

What do you do? Something… something small… until you just reach the goal. If you make a mistake, try again. I’ll try something else. If you wait until all uncertainty disappears out of your head, one day you may find that the moment’s passed.

You become stronger, more confident you grow emotionally, being in circumstances that force you to look fear in the face. At this point you realize that you’re still alive, that it is not deadly. Say to yourself: «I had a period of uncertainty, I have learned a lesson, now everything is much better. I can cope with any terrible circumstances that come my way.»

6. What should I get?

When you’re moving or just redecorating, you redecorate all your cabinets, rake out old unnecessary things and get rid of them. To move forward, you need to get rid of emotional and mental stuff that you don’t need. Your mind also needs cleaning. No need to drag excess baggage to the next week. Get rid of unwanted to desired Shine.

Drop of regret, shame and rage that had accumulated in you during this week, and leave only the most valuable: lessons, love and the best memories.

One of the easiest ways to sort out your thoughts and feelings, and to decide, what you need is to keep a diary in which you record your thoughts and emotions. Literally think about all the really important moments this week, make a list of feelings that you experienced in each situation. See, you are waiting for the opening. Clear your mind from all the negative garbage that infests your thoughts, think about what I’ve learned, forgive yourself and others and move on.

Close the door for all the negative, change the record, clean up and get rid of emotional debris and dirt. Give yourself a chance to start all over again. Stop trying to hold on to what it was to enjoy what you have.

7. A logical step in the next week?

Next week is a new beginning, a blank canvas on which to paint whatever I want. On Monday morning you stand before the beginning of a new adventure, will open before you new opportunities to create, present and future exactly as you want them to see.

As the saying goes, the beginning is half the battle.

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