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We are often afraid to admit some things. Often, in order to recognize them, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. And in order to ask some important questions, we must admit that we have some concerns. But in order to recognize that we have some concerns, you need to recognize some things. In short, the result is a vicious circle, dude! But it is necessary to deal with all in order. Today we will share with you the universal and obvious questions to ask yourself when you graduated from high school, I began to work and think about the future.

1. Where with the current lifestyle I’ll be in five years?

You are the only author of your life. Do not think, however, that no one can influence it: it’s nonsense. To influence a person is possible and not so difficult. Completely it is impossible to change, but change is easy. Otherwise, try to control his own life. If you feel stuck in some Chapter, start a new, this is about as simple as to write «Chapter 2». Just think clear the end of the first Chapter.

The structure of the plot of the book called «my Life» is simple: if you do nothing, nothing happens. Of course, one day when you’re walking on a construction site, you can drop the brick, and so… no adventures. If you’re going to do the same, it will be the same thing that happened day or two ago. If you’re doing the wrong thing, you get a perverted answer.

If you want in five years to be in some other place, you need to act now. If you have an idea you want to implement, you have to start to do it, or… it will turn into a fiasco. Then the idea will seem to you unattractive, then meaningless, and after a while you forget about it. By the way, when you get older, blame yourself for what you did, you’re a lot stronger than what your idea was a fiasco.

2. The people around me help or hinder?

This life is really short, and if you have more than 20 years, with sadness we inform you that a quarter of it already gone. You have three more attempts. The people that disturb us can be everywhere. This can be our close relatives, childhood friends, acquaintances, and close friends. We wrote so many times about bad friendship, should not be neglected.

But do not forget that you may not understand because you don’t communicate with their loved ones and they don’t know about what you’re feeling. Tell them about your anxiety and look at the answer. Listened and made the action? They are real close! Listened to, laughed at and waved a hand? Think about their intentions again.

3. Maybe you missed my happiness?

We all make mistakes, of which our life consists. But sometimes we intentionally deprive ourselves of happiness, dissolving into others and making stupid things for the sake of public opinion. Other people affect our opinions, and sometimes quite successfully. We choose the wrong job, the wrong career and the wrong people, forgetting that our personal happiness is our job. But don’t ignore other people’s advice: it’s too bad.

You also need to learn to enjoy the very journey, not a destination. Live the moment, not the past, not the future, learn to enjoy it. Or sadness, but do not look into the distance: it is dangerous, and it devalues both the objective and attempts to get in to it.

4. Can I somehow justify their actions?

Old George Washington once said that it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. It is not necessary to justify something that you are unable to do something. Does not need any justification: fails — start again. If you have faced some kind of obstacle, the best way is to try again to overcome them, not to stand next to him, wondering Why I wasn’t able to overcome it? Probably, my inheritance». Will cause really simple example: you can’t lose weight or gain muscle mass. Instead of having to try again and again, you begin to invent excuses, like I have big bones, tendency to gain weight. You’re losing your touch, to find excuses becomes a habit, and it’s bad for you.

5. What mistakes I most afraid of?

As said Mahatma Gandhi: «freedom, if we have no freedom to make mistakes?» When you fight your way, do not be afraid of mistakes, because one way or another you still do. Errors lead to disappointment in the short term, but their long razmusolivanie — to long-term. When you look back, you realize that most of your old anxieties essence complete garbage. Remember how nervous you were when you were writing the dictation or control in school, and now think, do you consider it important now? Funny of anxiety, right?

6. As all the wrongs done to me, undermined my confidence?

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to believe in yourself! Seriously, dude, if you don’t believe in their own strength, it is very, very bad! You don’t carry out their plans, and if you have big ambitions, do not fulfill and will be disappointed with a bunch of psychological problems.

Too often we allow our past to influence our present. The old resentment and frustration emerge and prevent us from living, undermining our confidence. Needless to say that it is harmful?Get all of these systems from that head of yours pissing broom! Now! Understand that often we have to do what, seemingly, we not on the shoulder. But really you just need to do, putting all possible effort! Wrong choices still lead somewhere.

7. When my life became so different from the norm?

Be studious and do what you must, leaving time for fun and studies in other areas of our lives. Of course, this may not be enough, though just need to do something is always… while you still have time for it.

To make everything back to normal, it is necessary to take a break. Take hand in hand your friend, look at the sky and give her some air. Spend time with friends, meditate, try something new or just contemplate the world around you. In other words, if you want to achieve balance and harmony, you need to work on it. In General, it is necessary to work constantly. Keep thoughts fresh, a body in motion, and relations in development. Everything is simple, like most good advice.

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