7 qualities of an adult male

manygoodtips.com_19.12.2014_KZBQrcA44tW9SAlthough there is no clear definition of what it means to «be a man», there are certain behaviors that serve as indicators of your maturity.

The people you meet in life will judge you by your demeanor and to draw conclusions, whether they are dealing with a real man or boy.

Here are a few things that characterize an adult male. And fortunately for you, man, they are not difficult to incorporate them into your life, if you want to be perceived as a grown man, not a snotty youngster.

1. Wear watch

If you’re dining with the girl and listening to her chatter with a glass of Prosecco, to know the time, get the phone, it’ll help your companion to lay down on you the wrong impression.

A Mature man will constantly reach into his pocket for a smartphone. In the end, everyone is constantly looking at your smartphone, makes of himself the impression that he is bored.

Buy a watch. Get into the habit of looking down at your left hand, do not need to hold the watch above, to make it clear to others that you’re in a hurry. Wearing a watch is cooler and easier than trying to get your iPhone 6 Plus from pocket of tight jeans.

2. Become «comfortable»

You should not seek to develop a knowledge of different types of hammers or screwdrivers with the purpose to fit in with any type of macho male gender role. You have to want to do it for yourself.

It’s not about what is manly. We are talking about the usefulness and independence, when the situation requires a bit of work and labour.

Things like shelves and tables, do not require any genius to build them, follow common sense and follow the instructions. It is possible for everyone dude.

3. Don’t be afraid to cook for yourself

We have repeatedly written about the fact that a man should be able to cook and not get tired of repeating this. Cooking does not have to be a chore and certainly not a «girly thing».

Courage lies in independence and self-reliance. And if a caveman could kill a boar and roast it, then boil the spaghetti (not burning the pot) you should be feasible.

4. Be neat

In the article about men’s hygiene, we spoke in detail about how to take care of myself. Now just recall that your nails should always be clean and trimmed, as well as the hair. Try to brush your teeth more than once a day. Well, and, of course, clothes should be clean and not soaked in two weeks later.

5. Stop trying to tell us important things via SMS

It’s a moot point. On the one hand, if we are talking about business correspondence, accepted in the sphere of your job, then there is nothing wrong with this method of communication. Of course, the message must be literate and concise. But if you’re going to communicate something important to your friend (e.g., breakup), agreed with her about the meeting and have the courage to say it in person.

6. Read Newspapers (not online)

You may always browsing online the news feed on your smartphone and paper publishing seems to be a thing of the past. However, to sit at a table in a cafe, reading the morning paper, – the pastime of adult men. Plus you can stretch your brain by solving a crossword puzzle.

7. Learn to speak a toast speech

Nobody expects you to be a long toast about a little and proud bird, as well as firework shows in the style of Gatsby. But to say a decent speech – act of an adult male. Don’t expect someone else will be braver and take that fate. A real man is never afraid to take a seat at the helm.

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