7 psychological tricks that will help you in building a career

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_reexKhK43ijs7Serious work often involves regular business meeting. Not do without it. You communicate not only with colleagues and supervisor, but also with customers, competitors and representatives of service firms. Even the plumbing to avoid this fate — he needs to interact with people, to influence them to agree on a deal. If you want changes in the labour market, more favourable conditions, it is necessary to become a professional, a professional is including the ability of the «public games». In any society there are loopholes that you can use in order to improve their professional life and climb the career ladder and generally enjoy all the benefits of society. A goat does not need. If you’re going to use the collected methods, then you open the way to corporate heaven.

1. Be a part of that conversation

This means that you need to attend. Don’t just stand next to the man, looking at the ceiling and think about how you will spend the evening, and be present, that is to be a full participant in the conversation, pretending quiet confidence. Starting a business with a simple handshake, which should be solid and friendly.

Is also crucial the body language, which should smoothly react to the partner’s response. When you’re talking to, pay attention to the level of his stress. Worried? Try to calm down, take himself in hand. Hands are shaking? Try to appease this shiver, don’t look gooey. In General, arm movement should be kept to a minimum. If they do, it will help you. And be sure to keep eye-contact is important.

2. Generosity and loyalty

Never eat alone — this rule was well known to any medieval serf and Baron. Lunch together builds confidence and understanding in the team, is the cement in relationships of disparate people’s interests. Well, really, what could be more common in different people? Wine and bread like in the bad old days. Life has not changed much in these 2000 years.

Brought coffee to a colleague — an investment in the future. Gave myself a gift on birthday — another investment. Do not expect that costs will return immediately. Relationships between people are like muscles: they grow when you use them often. But if the person is not generous, not helpful, and closes himself, he is doomed to go through life powerless. His conduct repels others.From his self-centeredness, we are not forced to give up. On the contrary, strengthen relationships with other people to gain the loyalty is in your best interests. Devotion can be expressed in many forms, for example in the form of emotional support when someone is going through a difficult time or a victim of his own time, when you want to help people with problems that lie outside the professional life. Half an hour of your time can completely turn a relationship with a coworker. So try not to seek help from people who he helped.

3. Focus on the source

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_6Jqa1JD94wO94If someone suddenly asks you what type of communication will give the best result, then probably you will say that assertiveness and self-confidence will make all perfectly. But this is not true. Raising the voice and the authoritarian mood in a democratic society reflects the impotence rather than strength.

Of course, it all depends on the team, but there is a reverse type of communication, which focuses on soft issues and tips. Such communication involves focusing on the other person. For example, ask him for advice, and then ask the question. Thus you can influence it better than if you went ahead. When you show your interest in person, he respects you. When you show that someone is an empty place, he sharpens his teeth.

4. The leader is an introvert

Extroverts and introverts prefer different types of communication: extroverts enjoy small talk, while introverts prefer a more detailed and in-depth conversation. Networking for introverts, as a rule, consists of a very large number of empty conversations in which they can not connect. But there is a way, when even an introvert can use social relationships to their advantage. And this sounds way corny and very simple — focus on the conversation tete-a-tete. Such conversations help to know person from different sides, understand their needs, goals and challenges. This is a great method, because you’ll be able to understand how the other person thinks, he prefers to use abstract concepts or use more hands-on approach. In addition, the private tete-a-tete is much more candid than the conversation in a big company where everyone plays a role, wearing a mask of his implausible position.

5. Remember names and expand your circle of acquaintances

When we skipped school and instead ecogoogle in the third «Heroes», involuntarily remembered one of the most important truths in life — strategy is paramount. Building relationships with society, especially with the professional community — it is a pure strategy, which requires planning, thoughtful analysis and rational approach. There are a few rules to be followed by everyone who wants to increase their effectiveness and influence:

— remember people’s names and make sure people remember your name;

don’t lose your contacts, write them down and leave the necessary marks;

— use new contact in order to find even more helpful people;

— don’t be afraid to do a service and in turn to ask about her.

6. «Reconnect»

Imagine that you have just met the CEO of the company, a conference which you attended. Did you have a pleasant and useful conversation, and the Director even shared his contacts with you. You feel that made a good introduction, but what’s next? Time to develop relations by means of additional communication.

Make it simple — for example, you can send an e-letter will thank the person for the pleasant conversation and add a little bit of information that interested him. If you think that this strategy is equivalent to imposing yourself, just imagine for a minute that it is common in business to communicate. It’s called etiquette.

People show each other respect, that respect turned into money and power. However communication should not be one way, otherwise you can really get a reputation as a person who lives at the expense of the success of others.

7. Mix the private with significant

There are hundreds of tips on what not his life mixing with work. Many families impose a taboo on the discussion of the work in the home as it is irritating. But business people who work 12 hours a day, often live alone. They have no desire to hang out in the «real» world after such a frenzied schedule. While informal communication outside of work is what is important not only in everyday life but also in professional life. So why not combine the joy of leisure with their business?

Let’s say you had a meeting, a conference, and she over — invite someone to dinner or a bar. Even if you don’t communicate with the person close. Better, of course, to invite several guests to communicate was clamped to four guests enough. If you invite less, it will be more intimate, that guy sounds unhealthy. Too many people — too bad. All are divided into small groups by interests and talking about them — no use to you personally.

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