7 places that should be in every men


The total area of the planet is 510 100 000 square kilometers. Huge space, which was divided between two hundreds of States of different incomes and devices. A giant mass of people every year builds new buildings, laying new city, but cuts down old forests, laying him on the motorway. The world is constantly changing and its so much that you will never be able to uncover every mystery that is hidden in it. For this reason, we recommend that you settled life civilized man who stands firmly on his feet and knows what he wants.

It is necessary to pour the Foundation — they have a set of power points», which you will often return. This is a place that fused with your life, you become family and so intuitive, that the closer can only be the parental home. What is this place and why they have to be in your life Arsenal — talk about it further.

1 Room where you can stay in any state the Difference between a house and a cheap room in a cheap hotel knows every who are faced with housing problems or personal issues. You can be drunk in the shit and you go home did not want to upset a friend, and even stomp away. You can never have this house, and to live still with their parents. It is possible that you just have a hard time, and you need a place to stay for couple of nights.

You can always go to a friend, but friends are not eternal and sooner or later they’ll start to refuse. So find a half decent room that is rented for a penny, which is designed for «sleep and go». Contract with the owner, to communicate with him so he understood what a man and add him to contact his phone. Be sure that the day will come when this room will save your life.

2 «Your» bar, whose doors are always open

Well, when there is a choice between entertainment. But nothing beats a place where you and your friends are sincerely happy. The owner of the bar knows you, and you know it — he’s pouring you a drink before you ask me to do it. The bartender knows your tastes, you go to this bar for the third year and are going to continue to do so until you move to another galaxy.

If you have a small company, it needed to «their place». Remember the movies where the protagonist walks into a bar, and he angrily look back local regulars, because I understand that it is not out of the circle. Probably the hero in those moments I wanted to switch places with regular customers. Because there breathe more freely, where you know everything. 3 a Good place where you can take a girl out We are not a restaurant. Beautiful, expensive, or just a good restaurant can find today, anyone stupid enough to spend 30 minutes reading reviews online. You can be more creative — find beautiful and unique place. It could be a rooftop with a beautiful view, or some lawn in the Park, urban institution that serves something so interesting and unique that no guide book to write about it do not want.

To find such a place is not so simple, but its meaning is that the girl needs to understand that this is «your» place where you only invited her because she is special. It may sound like romantic nonsense, but you better listen to our advice and try to find something similar — a friend will appreciate your work.

4 Point on the map where you can be alone


But this place is better not to tell anyone: no girlfriend, no friend, no mother, nobody. The best option would be removable country cottage or a small house, some tourist base or something similar, but has a direct relationship to nature. Such a place would need in order to escape from the bustle of the city and take one of the most important decisions in life. For example, to keep the baby or not? To marry her or not? To leave into the unknown or not?

To make the right decision, which will be the embodiment of your true desires, you have to fully clear your mind, and for that you need to throw out all the distractions that force you to play a given role by society. Nature liberates, purifies and makes you much smarter. If you made a decision in the midst of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers, this decision is only yours and it is correct. Do not confuse this place with the place — there are other choices.

5th Place at work where you can relax from that work in every office is, at large companies, such numbers are not uncommon. But if in your office there is no place where you can play the PlayStation, read a book or just get away, find a place outside of the working space. Such a place need in order to not burn out in the most critical days, when you have dedication and work 15 hours a day.

Open the map on your phone and see what establishments are close to your work. Perhaps there is a shopping center where you can occupy a slot game on your lunch break, or a cozy cafe, where the show series «true detective». We asked, and you already look on yourself.

6 the Place where you can go to relax

Here we are guided by practical purposes. Life is a series of black and white keys. And if you got in the Bank a lot of money, tomorrow you may lose all zeros at once. So find a place cheaper. Is where you can go, just put gas in the car and taking the minimum amount for the night and food. If the money in the Seychelles is not, then you already have an option that doesn’t upset you.

It is best to choose something that is within three hundred kilometers — the price of gasoline now is not encouraging. Give advice: a trump places we found in the local history books that tell about the natural attractions of the region. Usually it’s the reserves, but with them are often located at the guest house, and the reserves may not do without tourism. 7 Space where you can work for yourself You don’t have to be driven to work as a race horse, you need to work in moderation. On the other hand, if you’re always working for somebody, we will never be able to change your financial life. You can increase salary, grant awards, but, sadly, most of these people remain within the same economic stratum — and that’s not even the middle class.

Therefore, if you are twenty-something, your strength is full, and the brain lives a lot of ideas, then look for space outside the home and office where you can work quietly on their projects. Typically, such spaces are called fashionable, but has already become familiar with the word «coworking» is a space that you can rent for a day, month or even year, and easy to work there. It is fully equipped and suitable for the incubation of business ideas. Mandatory item if you want to jump above the head and do not fall.

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