7 places she wants you to kiss besides the lips

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2014_vmZHgARGn9NdiYou know she’s a great kisser and whenever your girlfriend leaves a wet trail on your lips. But except for the lips there are many other interesting places where you could use your kiss. Maybe she’ll already hinted at it in a joking manner, or you’ll find a worthy male, which in the course of all things. In this case, we’ll just recall what part of the body should not be deprived of your kisses.

1.The back of the head


Likely, your girlfriend, like most other greedy for kisses in the neck. There is another interesting technique: pull her hair and gently kiss and pokusili the area from the hairline down to the collar bone. It will definitely catch a bunch of tingling in her body.



This is the place where all the nerve endings connected with the genitals. Thus stimulating the lower back with massage and kissing is a great way to prepare her for a steamy night. That’s why she likes when you hug her waist.



You will not be able to find a sweet spot for their kisses than here. She will appreciate your loving attitude to it, after a long day of work. This kiss will charge her with confidence that she is doing everything right. She will feel your support, and you will save yourself from a few hysterics like: «You don’t appreciate me, and do not support!».



At your fingertips is a huge concentration of nerve endings makes them very sensitive to weak bites and sucking. When you suck and lick the fingers of his girlfriend, she begins to imagine you doing the same thing with other, more intimate parts of her body.



Sucking nipples causes a rush of the hormone oxytocin, also called the «love hormone» because it causes people to feel a close bond between each other. Nipples have a direct connection to the genitals, and for some women nipple stimulation causes a rush of blood to her clitoris. Do not forget that giving time to her breast you earn your points.



Her ears are very sensitive to touch. Most women are excited in the auditory stimulation so as you kiss her ear, don’t forget to whisper about what you’re going to do with it. You can also try pursing his lips to blow in her ear in the cool air, use it as a way to counteract the hot breath from your whispers.

7.The clitoris


Where the same without him. In any list of erogenous zones you will find the name of this magical tubercle. Once you start treatment of this body part, you will reach the point of no return. On the clitoris more than 8,000 nerve endings, compared with the male penis, where there are only 4,000 nerve endings.

As always you are convinced that women is much more complicated than men.

And remember — women are not all the same, someone likes one, to someone else. So before you put into practice tips — «way to test the waters».

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