7 parts of the body, which, in the opinion of men not noticing women

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We pay great attention to our body (on the condition that we need to work on it or us it’s interesting). We can follow your wardrobe, your hairstyle, cleanliness and smell of your body. But women like to emphasize certain details. If we can calm down the girl, her to the end shaved legs, the woman will not forgive us if we stick out nose hair or there is dirt on the body. We used to believe the axiom of the need to have nice body and clean clothes, but is that enough girl? Most girls believe that the man should be prettier than a monkey.

Not handsome is not the same as ugly, remember that.

We think that these parts of our body girls never look, but we are very wrong!

1. Eyebrows

No one expects that your eyebrows are plucked in the same figure, like the girl, and combed with a special brush. Mostly girls pay attention to two things in the eyebrows when they fused into one unibrow or when they frankly dumb. In this case, how would you call this a chick thing, say that there is nothing wrong with plucking eyebrows is not. Except that it hurts. Nothing so disfigures a man’s face, as the unibrow, even if the hairs on the nose are almost invisible. If it is too unbearable, go to a specialist.

2. Nails

Hands — the value of the work that we do, as well as an indication of our cleanliness. Nails — an even greater indicator of our cleanliness than we think. Unkempt, dirty fingernails, and don’t like all the girls, and the dirt under it frankly repels them from you.

This does not mean that you need to do manicure every week. Enough to have a good old nail clippers (or whatever they are properly called). In this thing you can buy in each transition, that is, do the clippers that can bite long nails; nail file, which you can dub them, avoiding burrs; small sharp thing that you can remove the cuticles and dirt from under the nails. No woman likes it when you touch their jagged nails: it hurts. Sharp ends scrugli saw.

3. Leather

A good friend of mine can walk in the winter weathered skin affected by the cold wind and in summer with dry skin. He did not believe that to care of my skin properly, says that he is a man and not a woman to smear creams. This is complete nonsense, dude. Trust me, most women keep silent when men touched their rough hands and touching it rough skin, because it, too, believe that men should not be soft to the touch. When women have experienced the unwashed bodies of their men, now very few people can afford it: time is not something. The girls still don’t like rough face, moreover, it is unpleasant and you! Rough hands, rough face pimples — disgusting, in short! So don’t be stupid and get to work. Determine your skin type and buy a suitable cream and smear it on your hands once a day. Winter buy another cream for the cold weather.

4. Feet

Fungus and other diseases, ingrown in the flesh, the nails and the disgusting smell is a disappointment for those poor girls. Bro also don’t pay attention to it, although it is better to act according to the principle: less stench and disgusting things — more success with women. For girls it’s all a complete disappointment and disgust. Buy ointment, cream, ventilated foot, turn to the experts to get rid of ingrown nails (it’s dangerous, man). And fungus to restore the doctor.

5. Hair in nose and ears

Men somehow paid a little attention to the hairline at the ears and nose, believing that to remove them — is unworthy of this harsh guy. Strongly protruding hair in the nose and ears are equal in women is highly visible women’s short moustaches. The girl with the mustache is making a concerted effort to get rid of the things that appeals to many bro. Why don’t you do something like that? If the hair had grown to obscene lengths, the best response is to cut them.

6. Teeth

Bright smile like everyone, but when its overshadowed by plaque, tooth decay, bleeding gums, or parsley stuck between your teeth, the situation can not be called worthless.

The worst thing about this situation is the bad smell from the mouth, which accompanies almost all diseases of the teeth and gums. So our advice: go to the dentist now! Buy a whitening toothpaste, mouthwash (for example, «Rotokan» at the pharmacy, or infusion of oak bark) and eat more fruits with vitamin C.

7. Back

A bro don’t even recognize it, but the back is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. If it is solid, not slouching, pumped up, there are no pimples, acne, age spots, stains of lichen and other «joys of life». Oh yeah, when there are no hairline. Worse than hair on back for girls, something difficult to imagine.

Acne can bring all sorts of tools, which are now bred enough. The dead skin is removed scrubs and gels with particles. Pimples, acne and herpes treated by dermatologists.

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