7 of the most bizarre Hobbies of our ancestors

Do not think seriously that those who lived before us, was something us smarter. After all, once they were treated by bloodletting, cautery and mercury. Always been stupid, intelligent and those in between do not change. Each generation has made its mistakes. And each generation had a good time, as could: someone looked at the execution, someone looked at nuclear bombs and been doing other things, stupid, from our point of view things. Well, or strange. Actually, this is today, our very historic collection.

7. Watch as drops an atomic bomb


Imagine such a picture, man, in the fifties, President Truman announced that, in 65 kilometers from Las Vegas at the landfill Nevada Test Site will test a small nuclear bomb. Was 51, was the Cold war and competition with the Union. How do you think people have responded when they reported the news? They closed in the bunkers, they left the city, leaving the chips, casino and native doma7 No, they went to watch atomic bomb tests. At a respectful distance from the site people establish seat seated in beautiful clothes, to see how fun buhnet deadly atom. And then there was the beauty contest «Miss Atomic Bomb 1957».

Over time, the hysteria of atomic bombs and all nuclear is gone, because people in Las Vegas began to complain of feeling unwell. And it was almost like before the War, in the games of the Fallout series, the same Nuclear cycle.

6. Picnics on the battlefield


If you seriously think that people don’t like war, violence and power weapons, then I advise you to think carefully over this question again. A lot of people were convinced that the Civil war between the North and the South will end very quickly. Not more than a year max.

Confidence was so high that during the battle at bull run, hundreds of civilians, congressmen, and the beautiful ladies had a picnic right on the battlefield. Seriously. Ladies in starched dresses, with fans in fancy clothes spread out tablecloths and blankets on the ground, took sandwiches out of baskets with food, theater binoculars and watched as some close to them, the northerners cut and kill southerners. Everything went like clockwork in the first half of the battle, ladies drinking tea, the northerners won, while the armies of the Confederacy not reinforcements came. Civil quickly felt, which means the turning point in the battle. Northerners desperately retreated and the civilians had to flee their meals and save their lives. Many of the picnic baskets that day was trampled, a lot of roasted chickens were not eaten. Surprisingly, during the battle suffered only one civilian. It was Congressman Alfred Ely, who was actively shouting «On to Richmond!», wanting immediate elimination of the rebels. He was captured, and he spent 6 months in jail, the Richmond, until he died from gangrene.

5. To visit the morgue, museums


Let’s say that you’re an official in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century. High levels of crime, Vice and dirt. A lot of corpses, which is something you need to do. So what to do with them? Have to build a huge morgue!

And they did it by building a morgue a block from Notre Dame Cathedral. Refrigerator, where he kept the corpses were separated from the rest of the world completely glass walls. And there was the corridor which was supposed to go to people. It was assumed that visitors had to know the bodies of their relatives or loved ones (clothes, which were dead at the time of death, hung on a rope over the dead bodies). The result exceeded all expectations. Daily morgue was visited by forty thousand people! Don’t know paid or free were the review bodies, but soon the guidebooks to Paris huge the Paris morgue was recorded as a monument. Of course, people were attracted not only by the nakedness of bodies, but the revision of the degree of decomposition and injury caused by them in life that seemed to confirm some of the appeal of violence to the person. Visited morgue and children, and women, who indicative fainted and had each other’s faces. In 1907, the morgue was closed: apparently people remembered that there are still theatres and books.

4. Collect figurines of murderers


If you’ve ever spent on wildly expensive collectible figurine some Gandalf, then you will be pleased to know that the people of Victorian London were also collected figurines. Known killers.

Here is a cute pastoral porcelain figurine… a double murder James rush of his employer and his son. The killer strangled his chief Isaac and his dog at that moment his teeth into the genitals of the victim.

And here is another scene depicting a murder scene that went down in history as the Murder in the Red barn. A woman of Puritan behavior Maria Martin met the famous ladies ‘ man William Cortera. Together they wanted to escape to another city from the family and children of Mary. The woman had to wait in the Red barn building on the outskirts of the village with red tiled roof. Relatives of Mary Kortner wrote a letter in which asserted that Mary’s alive and well, but can’t write, because you are busy with family. But, according to mother of Martin, she at some point began to visit strange dreams in which the daughter persuaded her mother to go find her in the Red barn. Soon the woman is tired, so she went with several men into the storeroom under the floor where it found a bag with the order of the rotten body of his daughter, who was identified only by teeth. For a long time doubted whether Mary the corpse or not, because he was dressed in men’s clothes. Cortner tracked very quickly, he managed to marry another woman. Under the pressure of the investigation, the murderer confessed that he strangled Mary a scarf and hid the corpse under the floor. They hung him.

For those who were poor and could not afford Guro-figures, produced brochures with engravings similar content. And porn necro-comic books with stories.

3. Headless portraits


It was fashionable before any Integralov and photoshop. Posing with his head on a platter, with the head of the mother in the hands and even without a head it was terribly fashionable, especially in a perverted England.

The image was obtained by layering a negative on the other when developing a photograph. Turned out to be very lively and interesting.

2. Make a fire with the cats

Pora was.kom.ua_12.05.2014_es2KLuKprahAU

Until the XVIII century the summer solstice in Paris was celebrated in a big way. People sang, jumped over the fire, danced, had fun. And the mast, right above the big fire, hung a huge bag, the flames slowly devoured him until his bottom is not burst and with a wild screech spilled the number of cats that fell into the fire and burned. Sometimes good Europeans had fed the fire cats just. What happened then? On the morning of every citizen gathered to himself a small pinch of the ashes of this conflagration. Good luck.

Why did they do it? The fact that the average person is from Paris XVIII century, was sure that the cat is the essence of the devil’s creation, a witch in the guise of an animal, a hotbed of plague and other diseases, so cruel abuse her was considered the most wonderful thing, pleasing to the Lord. Somehow, in the mind of the Parisian murder cats, who destroyed tons of mice and birds, which carry the plague, it was what I wanted from him Jesus. No wonder that the plague spread so quickly in Europe because a decrease in natural enemies of rats did not reduce the number of these rats.

How can you kill these cute animals? If you think our ancestors were smarter and more spiritual than us, think again. By the way, in Russia cats are also burned for the same reasons. But less.

1. Human zoos


We’ve learned that zoos interesting and poznavatelnoe a place where you can see the animals in their natural habitat. In the nineteenth century, such zoos too, but showed them as people from distant countries. Outside the cage were people who were supposedly close to their natural way of life. For them was erected structures, resembling real, rich and free people could poke them with a stick or feed nut. Savages depicted various tricks to attract the attention of sophisticated audience.

In Germany was known at the time the zoo, where wild animals were kept people from wild tribes.


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