7 not the most pleasant of truths you have to admit

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The truth is not always pleasant, often it is very unpleasant and often quite unpleasant. But if we see and accept the truth, we have much more chances to become happy people.

1. Everything is relative and subjective

There is no correct point of view, everything is subjective. Some people in their current state of Affairs terribly depressing. Because they have no opportunity to obtain a more prestigious job, they don’t have enough money for new speakers. These same problems for people with a different worldview will seem trifles. If we perceive reality is bad, it is bad, even when we eat in the morning, black caviar with a spoon. We are not born equal, with different intelligence, with different ideologies and social status, so our mood depends on how we relate to life.

2. Sadness is necessary

Like any negative experience. Suffering to avoid not only unnecessary, but harmful. Suffering tempers the personality, like a sad mood. Life does not happen all the dramatically good, there are UPS, there are downs. There is happiness and there is sadness. Without them, no way.

3. With a similar to fight similar

This is the same as to extinguish a fire with Napalm. If you shout, not shout in response. Your tone should be calm — it’s demoralizing. If your opponent lost his temper he did not lose for anything! Let your mind be not too filled with emotions during an argument: it is harmful and reduces the amount of common sense. And learn how to control your voice so that he sounded confident.

4. Each person has their own struggles

If a person lives under the sun, so he struggles with the world, against circumstances, against people, against everything. Goes to work, is struggling with boredom with a hobby — all is a struggle. So fuck all sorts of pacifists, they’re dead wrong. If the whole world would stop fighting, lay down their feet will say «Om», evolution will end, but will start to degrade, and all this is because external factors will fly on the us by hurricane and swept away by the avalanche.

5. The fear is always there

Without fear there is no life, because it is a reasonable response to danger. Fear helps to stop, think and assess the risks. Fear should heighten consciousness, to give inspiration to action, but it should not tie down and force to return back. Or stand in place. Fear is the best rival because he is always a little stronger than you. And what else is needed?

6. Small steps are safer big

The biggest mistake that a person can do is to do nothing. So much easier to begin to move in small steps. Usually small steps no one sees, they all want big steps, giant who will quickly bring us to the destination. But, moving with big steps can trip over.

7. And the only person you can change is you

Even if you somehow affect a person, know that your contribution is not there fifty-fifty. All the problems stem from the internal difficulties (we don’t have the time of slavery, right?). Despite the fact that to influence and manipulate people is currently possible, their essence can change only themselves under the blows of external circumstances. Of rags we will not be able to make a strong independent personality, but the cloth itself is very if you want. Therefore, motivation is very important. To affect people nearby we can imagine. To change? No!

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