7 new books for a novice businessman

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2014_4WrfskOHFj5ncIf you belong to the majority of people, most of all, all my youth I read under pressure: Russian classics – literature, specialized books for uni. Look at yourself in the past, such a careless fool, who believed that the investment of knowledge in yourself is a waste of time.

Now look at your surroundings in the present: you see all these people who are in your age, stand firmly on his feet and already has achieved some success? It is unlikely that we are mistaken if we celebrate your difference not the zeros in the Bank account, and the fact that these people tons absorbed is books, preparing himself morally, mentally and theoretically, before you make the first move.

Cheer up, dude! We’re not here to poke you in your mistakes and suggest how to correct this annoying omission. Today going to introduce you to the novelties of the book market in the field of business, it will be as a motivational books, and books that show living examples, «what is good and what is bad.» Ready? Go!

1. «From zero to one: How to create a startup that will change the future», Peter Thiel, Blake masters


This book is a collection of lectures given by the investor-billionaire and founder of PayPal (the operator of electronic cash) by Peter Till during his teaching at Stanford. Together with his co-author, former student, til gathered hard-hitting set of common standards and patterns of thinking of modern entrepreneurs and startups to carefully consider, putting like the advantages and disadvantages that have outlived their usefulness. After each section is given a well «chewed» an example of how based on the reading you can begin to build a successful future.

2. «Leaders eat last» Simon SINEK


The book, which came out earlier this year, at its inception, was named the most anticipated book of the year. This work built on the principle of a complete revision of the approach to leadership and management skills. Maybe you remember that the distinguished author of this work, we have already written. «Leaders eat last» is a continuation of his first book – «Start with the question «Why?»: how great leaders inspire action» – which is still largely was devoted to theoretical questions. Now the Picture went right up to the practice, and detailed examples of the institutional management of different sectors: from the creation of a microclimate in the team to critical organizational issues of the company.

3. «Buyer on the hook. Guide to creating products that form habits», NIR Eyal


If you are interested in the mechanism that causes the consumer the effect of habituation, it is likely you should get acquainted with this novelty book. In the book, the author, NIR Eyal, describes in detail which tools and how to use, in order to «hook» the buyer «on the hook», starting from the social networks, ending krupnomasshtabnye marketing programs. Based on your own experience, comparing past and current research, he also described the very model of a «hook», which consists of four phased process, designed to form consumer habits.

4. «Flexible minds,» Carol Dwek


After a decade of study of the foundations and principles on which is based the concept of «Success», Carol Dwek told us that this is not just a set of data of characteristics and skills that can lead us to achieve the desired, but first and foremost is the type of thinking, and above all we are talking about how to improve the quality of their lives inside need the main tool of promoting, that is, from himself. By reading the work of Carol Dwek, you will not only learn about various psychological things, but also will become familiar with the concept of «growth mindset».

5. «Crazy is a compliment» Linda Rottenberg


If you stand at the beginning of starting your business or already taking the first steps on the path to fabulous wealth, then it is safe to say that not one person has called you a psycho or twisted finger to his temple. Well… If people don’t understand your crazy business ideas, in any case they will not be able to undermine your confidence in their abilities, and this book will help to find inspiration in the minute moment of doubt or fear.

6. «The scrum. The art of making twice the work, twice as fast», Jeff Sutherland


This book is about designing effective systems of time management that you can use in the workplace, and in personal time to maximize the benefit of their weekends and labor day, the results and achievements. The main goal of this work is to try to teach you to reach previously unattainable for so foolishly underestimated by many tool time.

7. «Marketplace 3.0.», Hiroshi Mikitani


Completes our selection of the work of Hiroshi Mikitani, the founder of one of the biggest online stores in the world – Rakuten. The book is written in first person, and look at the world through the eyes of the financial bigwigs from the country of the Rising Sun – really useful pastime. At least you will get acquainted with foreign traditions and customs, and at best will be able to obtain important lessons that you generously teaches one of the leaders of the modern world economy.

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