7 myths about sex

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1. Girls love long sex

Of course, two minutes of sex, they will not be happy, but two hours for them too much. So not much-I try to prolong the pleasure.

2. If a girl does not orgasm means? you bad tried

In fact, orgasm in women depends not so much on body movements (though not without it, of course), how much mental effort friend. Sometimes she can just think about the stain on the ceiling, or she is now not in the mood.

3. Girls don’t like sex

Of course, an appropriate atmosphere, foreplay and other stuff the girls are very important, but sometimes they are not strange and spontaneous behavior. Even if she did not have time to experience orgasm in the Elevator, she’d still like it risky.

4. To achieve orgasm you need to simultaneously

Basically this only happens in the movies, in life, as always, everything is different. Sex should not be fun, and it does not need to put yourself strap. Let all goes as goes.

5. Sex for her is always more than just sex

Not always and not for everyone. Believe me, there are friends, who also just wants sex, without vows to marry and exchange phone numbers. Just sex for one night and get out of them too. Don’t think all women dream to marry you, some just want to sleep with you.

6. They are unpleasant to look at how we masturbate

Many girls, this sight is very hot. So no need to be shy and modest: if you like to watch your girlfriend caresses herself, why she should be sad to see you going to their dignity?

7. Girls do not like to play in a homemade porn

There are two options: either she has not had such experience, and she’s afraid that the bad happens; or she has had this experience, and she thinks that once the bad happens. Promise her that she will be the first to watch the film, and if she doesn’t like something you immediately kill him. And, of course, keep it.

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