7 most harmful finished products that for some reason we do not consider such

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The finished products is very convenient: threw in the microwave and went about his business. It seems to us that among semi-finished and other products can be easily found that will not affect our figure and the attention from women, but it is not. There are quite a lot of products that for some reason we think it useful, although they are not useful. Unfortunately the vast majority of any finished products, unfortunately, are harmful because of the flavors or preservatives. Why? Today we tell about this production and why it is, in fact, harmful.

1. Nuggets

The nuggets, like hot dogs, that quickly won the Western consumer. We are confident that the nuggets is a pure protein (because it is pieces of chicken breast in breadcrumbs), but the nuggets made of fat that is quickly absorbed by the body. Protein in the nuggets is extremely small, and its main component — the harmful carbohydrates in the breading and fillers. Fats, which serve nuggets in all sorts of McDonald’s, is extremely harmful and frankly not useful. And they can cause diabetes with prolonged use. Harmful additives and preservatives are added.

2. Sweet carbonated water

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Sweet carbonated water without sugar with zero calories, you know it well, friend. Instead of sugar use fructose corn syrup or solutes and cyclamate. And it is cheating of the organism that metabolizes the sugar from other sources.

But it’s not so bad, friend, because a lot of carbonated water with syrups, which can be bought in the summer on the streets of your city, contains a number of weak acids that may cause stomach problems, and which change the pH of our internal environment. And there goes a blow to the stomach, ulcers, kidney problems, reduced immunity.

3. Hot dogs and other prepared meat products

Sausages, meat loaf and other processed meat products contain a large amount of additives, a good portion of salt, sweeteners, glutamate, sugar and other not the most useful substances. As a consequence of high temperature processing, and repeat these procedures several times while cooking one batch of sausages and meat products the nutritional value of the sausage tends to zero. What do you want from unhealthy processed foods?

4. Store-bought cakes, cupcakes, cookies

Should I explain that to them exorbitant amounts of harmful carbohydrates, salt, cancerogeno and TRANS fat? Most of the additives put into them just for the sake of the next cake or cupcake stood at least a couple of days in the window. It is worth noting that TRANS fats are especially harmful. How to determine whether they are in this product? Quite simple: look at the label. If you meet mention in the product in the spirit of fats hydrogenated» or «partially hydrogenated», then you should know that with these cakes you along the way.

5. Popular Breakfast cereals

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And why is it that cereals with vitamins and minerals not useful? A lot bro, especially in America, use them for a bite to eat in the morning, when no time to cook yourself something. First, the fact that they include vitamins and minerals, means that they were made artificially. And this kind of mineralization is poorly absorbed by the human body. Alas!

In addition, these breakfasts are full of sugar or sweeteners in the form of fructose syrup from corn. Often corn, by the way, GMOs outright harm not proven, but many are afraid.

6. Granola bars

You must have been surprised to find this list of «healthy» food. Marketers of cereal bars did a strange thing, making consumers believe their product usefulness. The consumer is sure that he is eating delicious and healthy food, buys two or three bars and gorge on either a decent percentage of the daily allowance of calorie intake. In fact, muesli bars are not a healthier option than candy. The notorious high fructose corn syrup from corn starch binds the grains and nuts in muesli in the tile and makes them sweet. Try to go to the supermarket and find bars without sugar — that’s the problem, friend. And they taste good, by the way! Sometimes the manufacturers write on packages that add maple syrup or honey — don’t believe them, there all the same syrup.

7. Prepared condiments, sauces and salad dressings

And not without high fructose corn syrup from corn. In ketchups, sauces and dressings always add starch is an axiom: since the sauces are kept longer and nicely squeezed from a tube. As sauces — it is a heterogeneous mixture of solid particles and liquid, it is necessary somehow to stabilize. Usually it comes in modified starch or just starch. According to state Standards, the content of starch in sauces allowed in a certain amount, and it’s actually quite a harmful product.

Besides, do not forget about the excessive salt, sweeteners, sugars, flavors and other things in food. All this, too bad!

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