7 most dangerous and highly paid professions

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2015_IT0s4biKSM9GHSitting your ass in a comfortable or boring office, you probably think that if you work some backbone that you can and the strength of the egg to check and a lot of money to earn.

For example, we often think about how not to go us to study the habits of sharks or maybe go into politics… But before you quit your peace of mind, it would be necessary to know how much you can earn money, risking their lives than we do, and prepare you for some extreme and highly paid professions.

We headed for America, because in Russia the same work is often subject to much greater risk and certainly much less paid. And who need it, to risk it for a penny?

1. Stuntman movie


Potential profit: $100 thousand for the trick.

Like fellow film actors, stuntmen upscale high fees. The main stuntmen who make simple tricks, not risking much and earn not so much money. But the top stunt to make a multi-million dollar fortune, of course, in dollars.

Of course, a great chance that you yourself will not have time to spend your millions, but will leave a generous inheritance to relatives. Work with a high level of risk to life, after all.

2. Private military contractor


Profit potential: $300+ thousand a year.

Private mercenary soldiers, of course, risking your life for a lot of money. In Iraq alone there were more than 1,500 deaths of American private military contractors, which makes this job one of the riskiest in the list.

A defense contractor may be hired by private companies working in dangerous military regions, or even sanctioned countries, trying to fill the military gaps.

3. NFL player


Potential profit: $40+ million a year.

We all know that players in the NFL earn good money (even a novice receives approximately $420,000 per year). And although no one died on the professional playing field over the last century (thankfully), constant risk of serious injury, including fatal, is present in every game and even during a workout.

In addition, the danger can lie in wait even ex-football players often develop the disease due to injury in their later life.

4. A working oil platform


Potential profit: $250+ thousand a year.

Highly skilled managers at the oil platform, oil-rig workers and consultants can certainly make a quarter of a million dollars a year and possibly more, depending on the situation. And even a novice can put in your pocket a six-figure amount per year (recall that in Russia, these amounts are negligible).

Good salary, right? But the work is not easy. Working rigs are at risk quite often, not just when they have to fly to the asteroid to set a bomb and save our planet.

5. The captain of a fishing boat with crabbing


Potential profit: $250K+ per year.

Even though this is seasonal work, you can catch a serious catch for serious money in a few months. But the risks are large. A constant cold wind, every minute on the ship falls a few thousand liters of water, which immediately freezes. Ice the ship may capsize, or go to the bottom from gravity. The fishermen, besides fishing, you have to constantly clean off the ice from the deck.

You can watch the Discovery channel «deadliest catch» and learn about all the dangers of this work.

6. President


Potential profit: $400,000 a year + $200,000 of expenses.

«With great power comes great responsibility.» Have something to say about what the President’s life is always under threat. If someone wants to kill the President, then no protection will not save. And the reason for the assassination of politicians always enough.

7. Killer


Potential profit: $15 million

To work, which is literally to death, it is not surprising that funding, and the risks are much higher than in most professions. Official statistics in this illegal activity there, but rumor has it that average prices anywhere from $10,000 for a mere mortal to more than $15 million for high-ranking politicians.

I hope you understand that the article is exploratory in nature and we advise you not to risk your head (or other heads) for the sake of money. One life, at least in this form.

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