7 mistakes you should not repeat in the new year

For many people, the year 2015 was not just the year of the sheep, it was a year of falling in a ditch or, conversely, long and persistent climb to the top. A lot of that time a lot has happened, will not return. Time spares no one, but there were many pleasant, right? I hope for you this year was a year of growth, despite the surrounding events. Always glad when readers, all is well, and they cope with their problems.

Before the holiday is still relatively far away, but one counsel to give you still want. Remember, the great and Almighty dude, you are not your mistakes. We must let go of all the accumulated crap and take a deep breath, be happy with what we have. Make 2016 better than this. Banal wishes, but are necessary.

Here’s a PEP talk in the form of a list of all that should not be repeated in the new year. Make it easy on yourself and others life, be happy and that’s all.

1. Don’t avoid risk

Yes, now the economic crisis, and improvements are expected. But this is not a reason to forget about your desires and dreams. Who knows what awaits us around the next bend? Is it possible to constantly run and hide from yourself and your thoughts? Some older give really big tips, despite his insanity. One of them I once said that the time will never be, and the opportunity will never fall out. Is this true? And what is this Board anyway? Useful really. Time and possibilities depend only on you, you create them. They will not knock on your door and will not conclude in his arms. And therefore take risks.

2. Give up the cheap competition

If you work in a large team, you know what I mean. Everyone is chasing better jobs, but not everyone finishes this race with a human face. Because without that human face you just dissolve in the bile and dirt that he himself had generated. Trust me to move forward on the career ladder, you need to be above a piranha fight. You can be jealous, you can pull down, you can destroy, but the best tactic of dealing with these snake-like creatures are old and kind of ignoring. Focus on the steps you need to do to succeed.

3. Don’t be so amorous, please!

Noticed that our readers send a ton of questions about their relationships with friends. We read them, that’s true. But can’t respond to everyone, because they are constantly repeated, and the problems don’t change. Feel Santa Claus-psychoanalysts. So, in 2016, try not to fall in love with everyone. Let everyone you meet to your heart health is extremely dangerous. I wrote about this many poets, writers, sang about it many musicians. Of course, it is not only in love but in friendship. The inner circle needs to be formed only of those people who you can absolutely trust. Otherwise, you will disentangle all these family or psychological problems all his life.

4. Don’t let others spoil your day

And for this you need to learn to control your emotions and not let them control other people. Forget for a moment about family, girlfriends, friends and Pets. The only constant person in your life is yourself. In 2016 any more independent from foreign infusion and foreign Affairs. Sometimes it is better to be a rational being who operates on logic, not feelings. Something like the Vulcans from Star trek. Save your nervous system, and therefore himself. Negative thoughts that have a foreign origin, performance into your life will bring.

5. Don’t worry about the past

Everything you do in 2015, is a part of your own unique life story. All the troubles, problems, strikes – the real lessons, the components of your own armor. Due to bad events you can prevent them in the future. Treat them in a similar way. And to regret the missed opportunities at least silly. One defeat in battle almost never had defeat in the war. It is worth knowing that throughout life. Sometimes you need to retreat, to strike, crushing blow.

6. Do not hammer on health

Health: you can ignore him only until until it’s too late. And when you start to have a serious disease, all other problems fade into the background. With the current achievements of the national health care better care of yourself. And don’t forget that exercise strengthens not only your body but also your spirit.

7. Don’t be a dick

The asshole being a very common and unpleasant. And the worst part is when you find it in the mirror. But all is not lost, my friend. Once the monkey became man, and now is the time assholes become men. Look at your behavior and how you respond to people. So, do not have to listen to them, and to listen sometimes you just need.

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