7 miraculous effects of Mat on your body

They say that swearing is indecent and vulgar, and that decent persons do not think this is acceptable and normal. In most cases it is, but sometimes can not do without the Mat, because only obscene vocabulary can reach the brain degenerate. There are many cases when taboo language is appropriate and useful for psychological health. Mat is not just abusive dirt, it is the identity and spiritual connection.

Abuse makes you stronger

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2016_izTBHKSPtahzCAll that we are not sending makes you stronger. Laika is not just a splash formed inside the anger and the accumulated steam, it is also a surefire way to feel strong, is a kind of defense mechanism.

There is one «but»: if you use the language constantly, it works not so well. So save for really important things.

Reduces pain

Dirty word actually reduces pain, reduces swelling and repairs damaged tissues. Controversial, but with the pain to cope, that’s for sure. It is understandable that when you fall down a chandelier, you’re not going to shout: «Oh, dear God, what is this mountain?! What I did to deserve your wrath of the righteous, the Creator?». Are you going to use all known bad words to Express the fullness of his sorrow.

Swearing is necessary is proved by scientists sadistic, plunging a hand of the subject into the icy water. Unhappy swore a lot, proving that taboo vocabulary allows you to endure the pain much longer.

Dr. Richard Stevens, an expert on the psychology of obscene language, said:

«Obscene has been around for ages, it’s almost a universal linguistic phenomenon of humanity. It reflects the emotional centers of the brain and occurs in the right hemisphere, while most other language is formed in the left hemisphere of the brain.»

Suddenly invigorates

Swearing activates parts of the brain that are vital for the reaction of «fight or flight» condition in which the body is mobilized to eliminate the threat.

Someone’s swearing can liven up the atmosphere, cheer up, and set the brain to make the right decision. In every life there was a case when one swear word can do wonders, attracting people’s attention. For example, «P..ska dog», Wikiquote unknown, became the most bright and interesting event at the meeting of the mayor of a famous city and students.

Convinces people

The lack of passion and emotion often prevents us to convince others of your point of view. It is clear that not all like the little brown people, impulsive that waving hand and frustrated cry, but sometimes it’s the easiest and fastest way to persuade. And when you Polish his tantrum a dirty word, it is immediately clear how sincere are you worried about your theory.

A symbol of good vocabulary

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2016_PCzEgnA3j8Rg7People who know when to take «zvizdatye», and when «Bueno» who know how the designation of the foreskin, ugly faces and the English verb «put» to create a separate word, can boast of a good vocabulary. However, only in the case that obscene vocabulary is 50% of this vocabulary. Then it is better not to be happy and continue to degrade with a clear conscience and without too much pathos.

Way to make friends

Ironically, the language actually may be a sign of happiness. «Social swearing» is a way to bond together.

If people for a bunch of words use inappropriate designation of Boobs and pussy, if not embarrassment, with a laugh on his lips overlaid each other these Tits and pussy, we can safely say that they have established warm, friendly relations, and specifically in this conversation, they’re relaxed and sincere. Open a terrible secret: even the teachers swear among themselves.

Mat is the emotional expression

Laika is closely connected with emotions, and those, in turn, are a form of self-expression. When the level of excitement rises, a person is able to speak and even to come up with a greater number of different swear words and expressions for a momentary period. This confirms the theory that the matrix is «emotional language».

Warning harm to health

But don’t think you can just come out and say at the first comer of all, what do you think about the latest movies in the language they deserve. You can frighten people and to shock the interlocutor. In the end, a lot of people that do not tolerate Mat under any sauce. So what you need to know when to quote Mayakovsky, and when it can and the face, which is very detrimental effect on health.

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