7 mini-games for every taste


Why do people game? Some say that it teaches the younger generation the basics of life, others talk about the impressive contributions of the game in human civilization and its culture. There are scientists who have dedicated their theses, scientific work and all the time, to understand the meaning, the essence and the need of games. From their mouths we heard the view that all reality is a constant game we play at work, in family, at home, on the street, and even in Burger. But put aside all these speculations, because sometimes the game is just a game. As in the case of our selection of seven free games that you can play without paying a dime, penny — absolutely free.

If you think that you’re too old for such games, they are still useful to you, for example, to distract a younger brother or nephew, any child, which fell on your head, for the holidays. If you want to find something interesting in the world of browser games, feel free to come in on this website.

Here are just a few examples that we have chosen especially for you.

1. Mortal Kombat 9: the last battle

Don’t know about you, but we feel the nostalgia for those wonderful and happy evening, which we held for a retro console from my friends to play this with a series of great fighting games. It was in this game, something that would not let go for a minute. If lost tried to take the revenge if he won, then secured the victory cheers of their schoolmates. In «mortal Kombat 9: the last battle» can be played directly in the browser, no need to download, for it does not have to pay. You pass a training workout, because the process of strikes and fatalities on the joystick and the keyboard is somewhat different. The rest — good old-fashioned atmosphere canonical «mortal Kombat».

2. Race with the trains

We wholeheartedly love trains just like Sheldon from the big Bang Theory. Always wanted to try yourself in the role of machinist antique locomotive. If you’re in solidarity with us, we recommend the game in the «Racing trains». The player’s task to deliver the cargo as quickly as possible, while the game process is divided into several stages. First, run your engine to the load, get your cargo and lightning rushing to the end station. The goods shall remain unharmed, otherwise who’d pay for it? In this lies the difficulty, because the problems in the way you have always will, but why bother to play if you don’t want to face difficulties? Open the game and enjoy your new profession as a machinist.

3. Batman’s power strike

In Gotham once again restless. And who does not like the Black Knight will have to shoulder the burden of fighting crime? In the game «Batman’s power strike» you wear a mask, perhaps, one of the canonical heroes of all times and peoples. Today you are lucky because of the danger of contact with the Joker, because the game is a training of the hero that he is, can be, every day. Your enemies are stone blocks that need to be broken as much as possible. To perform a good blow you need to follow the numbers that appear next to Batman. The higher the number, the stronger the shot, the more stone blocks you can break. When you break all five, you get bonus points.

4. War: shooting vs zombies

Some games never get bored, especially if we are talking about fun shooting hordes of zombies that attack not the hapless player. An example of such game is «War: shooting vs zombies». In the story a mad scientist creates an army of zombies that you have to stop. Professor Madness himself ran to the protagonist to stop the zombie Apocalypse. Management is incredibly simple — using the arrow keys and the keys A, S and D you can do everything you need. In the game there are bombs, which will be extremely surprised by the living dead, and the rest is a traditional shooter game that can be run through a browser.

5. War two: the Battle for the island

What could be worse than penetration of the disgusting tentacles of Industrialists maniacs to your Paradise on earth — an exotic island, free from capitalism. Will sail on their ships, set up their factories, will open shopping malls and KFC, and lost the whole atmosphere of untouched and pure nature. But you have a chance to change everything. Even in a virtual world. Build defensive towers, plant trees, protect your island and attack the dominance of technology in your sliver of green in an ocean of machines. It’s time to be the good guy and stand up for the environment, and will help you in this «Battle for the island».

6. Adventure time

«Guys! Adventure hour! Long wait for foreign lands us. There’s Jake-he’s a dog and Finn is a boy. Always good here, come with us!» — I think this song is known by everyone who watched the same series and imbued with a deep wisdom in this seemingly crazy animations. In the game «adventure Time» is waiting for you… Yes, adventure time and waiting for you! To play both characters at once. Despite its «browser», the game did a nice and in terms of plot and in terms of gameplay. Beautiful panache that meets most of the series, as well as excellent translations into Russian — all tasks are interesting to read, as the passage has a lot of tips. So unless you load a new season of Adventure Time torrent, you can play this game through a browser window.

7. Game

Wanted to be in the shoes of a caveman? Know what you want. In this game you will make it, and even can marry the daughter of the tribal chief — the most popular girl. But, of course, even in prehistoric times could not just marry anyone. In this case you’ll have to find a ritual necklace, which is hidden in the valley, known as the lair of the evil and bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex. To fight it makes no sense — will devour in two seconds. But to steal the necklace and on the Lam, you always can. That you’re gonna do the whole game. Your task — to survive, to become the main guy in the cave, marrying the daughter of the leader. Play the game here.

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