7 mind-blowing cocktails based on beer

Many will call what he saw a dirty sadism and perversion, because mixing beer with something other than vodka as part of the legendary «ruff», a very stupid and wrong. Beer is the drink of the Gods, and then it poured all sorts of stuff that’ll ruin him. The fact is that, in addition to some wild and ruff, in our country, nothing more has taken root. Well, let’s try to instill a culture of drinking such cutting hearing the concept of a beer cocktail.

1. Beer bastard


Is considered a Mans drink. Apparently, because of its burning taste. Maybe due to the presence of vodka and beer in the same container.


– 50 ml of vodka;

– 200 ml of beer;

– 30 ml tomato juice;

– 2 tablespoons of ketchup.


Add in a glass of ketchup and tomato juice, pour beer. Then carefully pour a thin stream of vodka. Cocktail drink in one gulp without stirring.

2. Beer Brut


This liquor, thanks to the herbaceous liqueur, the result is very strange and pleasant taste. But you know what the consequences would be for your head? Mind-blowing beer, and even champagne!.. Hi, helicopters, bye, common sense!


– 100 ml of light beer;

– 100 ml of champagne;

10 ml of liquor Benedictine.


It is important that all ingredients have been thoroughly chilled before you begin mixing. First you pour in a glass of beer, then champagne, liqueur and mix everything thoroughly. Ladies will love not only the destructive power of the mixture, but also your ingenuity. I will say that he invented himself.

3. Michelada

It was a bribe.com.ua_31.07.2015_D8Q2oavOZTiBb

Cocktail mother of Mexico, as evidenced by the large number of acute. Gold, not a drink. Very refreshing in the summer heat, quenches thirst and leaves the mouth odor of beer, so if you want to drink, but not to palitsya, it is better to choose it.

The main thing is to strike a balance between salty taste, lime acidity and a peppery spiciness.


– beer (light or dark);



– pepper;

red salsa (mashed into mush fresh chilli peppers and red tomatoes; you can substitute Tabasco with a spoon of tomato juice);

– soy sauce;

– vorchestershirsky (Worcestershire) sauce;

– ice cubes.

All the ingredients on the eyes.


Dampen the edge of the glass with lime juice, put in a mixture of salt and pepper. Put it in a glass of ice, pour lime juice, shares salsa, soy sauce and vorchestershirsky sauce. Gently share the beer and mix the ingredients. Ready!

The main thing is to strike a balance between salty taste, lime acidity and a peppery spiciness. Beer for michelada suitable for the light and dark. If only it was not too bitter.

4. Lambic Sangria


As the name implies, this is a parody of the famous wine hood called sangria. An acquired taste, but fans of fruit Beers will enjoy. Never mind the presence of raspberry, the taste is very brutal. Prepared like a wine fellow, not for themselves but for the company, so it is better to cram everything into a large pitcher.


– 750 ml of cold raspberry beer (such as Lindemans);

– 2 bottles of cold beer Hoegaarden White;

– 500 ml Lillet Blanc, chilled;

– 1 Cup raspberries;

– half a medium orange (sliced);



Just mix everything in one big jar and let it cool as I can.

5. Redneck Mother


The drink is irrelevant to American cattle, because the only beer cocktail, which may be in American cattle, is ruff. All because of the reddish hue of the drink. This cocktail is an eloquent answer to all those who say that you cannot mix different Beers.


– 30 ml of juice ruby red grapefruit (ideally fresh);

— 30 ml gin (ideal – Get Plymoth; it is hard to find, but worth it; other kinds, but they are usually sweeter);

— light beer;

— ginger beer.


Pour gin and grapefruit juice on the bottom of the glass. Fill the part is half light beer and half ginger. Yay!

6. Hangman’s Blood


Blood of the executioner – what could more eloquently describe this cocktail, what is its name? If the Punisher with this blood, I quickly changing profession. Before you mix all these ingredients in your stomach for the evening, and now in one glass. So the consequences you’re more or less familiar: tremors, helicopters, and happiness are included.


– 35 ml gin;

– 35 ml of whiskey;

– 25 ml rum;

– 35 ml port wine;

– 35 ml brandy;

– 140 ml porter;

110 ml of champagne.


All five shots you need to put each other in a large beer glass. Next, add a good strong porter, and on top of all this koronui champagne. Better than the Brut. The ice in this cocktail to put not necessary, but all drinks must be well chilled.

7. Guinness Cream Soda


As you might guess from the title, participating in this cocktail there are «Guinness» and lemonade. By the way, in Germany are very fond of mixing beer and lemonade in the ratio 1:1. And here is the recipe, slightly modernised. It turns out very tasty, and most importantly, do not lose the characteristic taste of the famous beer.


– 60 ml ginger liqueur;

– 60 ml vanilla liqueur;

– 350 ml of chilled lemonade;

– 450 ml of chilled Guinness.


In a shaker, mix the liqueurs, shares the lemonade, add ice and shake it all thoroughly. Pour mixture glass half full, and then there are two ways of making a cocktail:

1 – pour Guinness at the upside-down spoon and then get a layered cocktail with beer on top.

2 – rude and to top up with Guinness, half a glass and gently mix.

How not to pour, it’s delicious, nutritious and fun!

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