7 life obstacles that must be overcome

By.kom.ua_21.08.2015_GeB6QQztkr2VUWhat a man wants most? To be successful and so happy. This was written many books and articles, including on manygoodtips.com.

But becoming successful is not something that happens by accident. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, the same 24 hours in a day as each of us, and he also faces some obstacles as we do, every day. The difference is how he uses his time and as he’s maneuvering past these obstacles without losing any moment.

Some of the most successful people of our time have had to deal with different challenges, but they stepped over them – ever cross you.

1. Age discrimination

In 20 years you are too young to know enough about the world, and at age 60 too old to understand the new trends. And this, incidentally, is a very important age periods in human life, and this lack of understanding by society can drive you to the grave. Young people really can change the world and be wiser than many old people who lived all his life in one place, seeing nothing but its monotonous work and carpet on the wall. On the other hand, if you’re 60 years old (and suddenly!), do not rush to retire. There are many examples when in this age people have achieved recognition, popularity, and more happiness. Age doesn’t matter to talented dude.

2. What people think

If you want to be successful, stop taking to heart what other people say. It is not necessary to be killed for each negative replica to your address. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others. All you have to do is compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. You become better if you learned anything? If so, you’re going in the right direction.

3. Assholes

Some people don’t want you to have managed all that you conceived. Otherwise they will feel defeated, like you. If you find such a person, then better take him out before he can cause you serious damage. In other words: «If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room». So surround yourself with like-minded people, which can be something to learn. But spending time with a smug idiots – a dead-end solution.

4. Fear

For many difficult to overcome the fear. It can be anything: fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of appearing foolish, the fear of the spaghetti monster… But it just so happens that the world is full of all sorts of dangers, and the more you fear, the more draw them to himself. So maybe in the past you had some traumatic events, but they were in the past, and now you’re a man. Don’t be afraid of failures and mistakes – they help you to be better.

5. Negative

Negativity hovers over the country, over people, over colleagues and even the cat. People who reject it, can in a moment destroy all your enthusiasm, gut your brilliant idea, to take you down with motivational pedestal. And if you absorb all this swampy liquid that are negative people, you will have a very long time to recover. This will lead to a huge expenditure of energy and time. The art to avoid such incidents is a very complex and special receipts to this account we have. But you can try to do what you like to ignore for some time and with new forces to take up the case. It required great will, but anything is possible.

6. The past and the future

When talking about the past, just remember the shortcomings, omissions, failures. As for the future, it is, at least for now, always a concern for life, family, financial well-being. Treat their failures in the past more philosophical: all those mistakes serve as you help the Foundation in order not to repeat them. Well, to a glorious future you just have to prepare. Obviously, if you are in Montreal, you will find it much better than if you’re all the time nervous. Remember the University when you your anxiety brought good points, and not insomnia and fatigue? And in life.

7. Common.

There are people who are fans of country, world peace, animals and the bacteria population. Some are starting to dig in to all of these things so much that it already interfere with their lives. So, everything goes to hell. But the man always, in any historical period could change your life. Everything depended on his talents, skills, knowledge. External events affect us, set the rules of the game, but play ourselves. To improve your own life, don’t need another President or another religion in the country should own a strong desire. If you’re a hardcore humanist, start to improve the lives of a small community that has developed around you and you will have happiness!

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