7 life mistakes

Work.com.ua_31.08.2015_ePXTcwHGp1uwNNo matter how tough you are, you’re still going to make a stupid mistake. It’s okay, trust me, just part of growing up which cannot be avoided. This kind of failures is the most embarrassing for any person because this rake comes every man, but not everyone can avoid stepping on them again. This is the life. A smart man makes mistakes to make more of them not to do. And our planet is full of all kind of horror that will come on your head. If you think you can avoid them, then you are very naive. But manygoodtips.com believe in their readers, and perhaps these tips will be very useful to you.

1. Not okuni your pen in the company ink

Potential dangers that you face at work, much more than you think. They can lie in wait around every corner: at corporate, the outputs at lunch, in the workplace.

Maybe you seem cool enough to sleep with that beautiful blonde with a Finance that works in the next office, or that brunette you met on new year’s eve party of your company, and on the following Monday morning you are unlikely to be happy.

But if it’s done, then at least remember you wore a condom?

2. Don’t «blow» before a family get-togethers girls

Sometimes to push or overturn 6-7 shots before the conversation in a friendly atmosphere with the parents of a friend sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you think that will relieve stress, which is bound to be, given the 12 members of the gene pool of your beloved, gathered in one place. But all this can turn into a real disaster.

3. Don’t chase your ex in social networks

There’s nothing interesting, nothing that could be useful to you. Better to just avoid people from the past, to once again not to worry. Delete this person from your contacts, remove saved links on his profile, forget it.

4. Not become political statuses on personal pages

And the posts are better not to write actually. Every person should have the right to Express their opinion, it is right and fair. But here look at the external environment, when one person, owing to malicious intent or not, you can write «administrativku» only post on the wall Vkontakte. On top of that now when job applicants are often asked the social media accounts is an acceptable method of screening the » unreliable candidates. Your account of twitter, VK, Facebook can significantly affect the approval of your candidacy. So if you need a political grandstand, do it under a pseudonym, but a real page to make maximally distant from politics. Unfortunately, this is the best way.

5. Contraception

In the heat of passion it is easy to lose sight of the important things, like condoms. However, just one wrong move – and welcome to the club of parents who never even thought about the baby. Of course, then you can reason with a friend for an abortion, but if your plan «B» becomes the primary method of contraception, then it is time to begin in good faith to treat birth control.

6. Easy tasks to solve along with the main

Sometimes, doing all the work, then happily bloated cat save small things «for later» with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment. And that’s kind decide to finish everything already sitting on the toilet, but something doesn’t add up. So, it is better to do everything at once, according to your timeline, or not to do it. The main thing – to formulate a plan that you will feel most productive. Otherwise, just falls out of tempo, and you work for 8 hours, as is customary, and 14.

7. Don’t start the conversation about menstruation with women

Sensitive and unpleasant subject for most women. You may think that the polite and want to help, but women don’t appreciate it. And your wit will be perceived as an insult. In General, to discuss menstruation with men, if you’re already a fan.

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