7 lessons you can take from a bad relationship

Work.s.ua_26.06.2014_vemF8q1g9kFQrFor example, just ended in their own crap of relationship in your life. Despite all their shit, which, by the way, you very well know, you can’t avoid the «sludge», which is a heavy burden now rests upon your heart.

The horror is that the more pain they brought you, the fatter, the more clearly will be a trace, left them in your soul. There’s no escape. The only thing you can do is to try to learn from the traumatic experience at least a bit constructive.

1. Border

Experience in any relationship will allow you to rethink the «boundaries» and to avoid many unpleasant things in your future relationships. Simply put, your future girlfriend will not allow you to behave one way or another to you.

2. Selfishness

We never tire of writing that a healthy egoism — a thing necessary and useful. A crappy relationship is nowhere more clearly demonstrate the importance of being in a relationship, not into senile self-denial, and to think about yourself. If you feel like a jerk because of it, then why do you even want a girl? Relationships should bring joy and strengthen your self-esteem, not to drop it through the floor.

3. Other people’s mistakes

A bad relationship will help you to make yours this good relationship, as your «bad» girl show you how not to behave and what not to do in relationships. It’s called learning from others ‘ mistakes.

4. Condolences

Therefore, most likely, for a long time, you realize that the one that ruined your life, did it because it itself all is not smooth. Generally, mentally healthy people do not begin to meet someone with the purpose to ruin the life of someone. So all the pain she has caused you is not intentional. Most likely, she herself or have a serious problem, if it is so difficult to build a normal relationship. Try to forgive her, you yourself will become easier.

5. Inner voice

I bet your relationship with romance and pink pony turned into a real hell is not for a couple of seconds and not even for a couple of days. I bet you saw but chose to ignore a number of alarm «bells». In your next relationship you’d listen more to your inner voice that tells you about these problems, isn’t it?

6. The fear of change

You will not be afraid to be alone, as well as any other major changes in their life after these changes occur. You will understand that it is not have to pull with a gap, and that, sometimes, changes are simply necessary.

7. Recognition

A bad relationship will help you to appreciate a good relationship. You’ll understand how much was wrong, believing that all girls are the same, and all equally hard as your ex. But your new girl proves you wrong. Like, she’s not doing anything special, but you know how good it is because you have something to compare.

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