7 lessons of courage from the great generation

lessons grandfathers

In each generation, a real man, living a decent life. But nothing compares with the generation of the past war. I don’t call them the grandfathers, because for many they are even great-grandparents. They fought, they won, and then came back home and started to build everything from scratch. They understood what it meant to sacrifice themselves both materially and morally. They knew that there was real blood, the real Pete and real tears. It was a modest people, not trumpeting his exploits, and doing so little. They were loyal and intelligent. The great generation. We have much to learn from these people.

1. Take responsibility for your own life

Our generation eschew responsibility, so happened: too heavy a burden. In those days they were forced to take responsibility. Guys who were not even twenty, he commanded people. And still managed. These people just took and took, because there was no one who was not somebody you can count on but yourself.

When the greatest generation took responsibility, it was also ready to answer for all the consequences of the decision, good and bad. They are not looking for excuses. When our ancestors returned from the front, they also had to do everything themselves. They cleaned up the rickety during their absence the house, rebuilt the city, they had to provide their own bread and raising children. It would be strange if it came from the war her husband was waiting for somebody instead of him fix his house to help his children.

2. Thrift

If your grandparents were like mine, probably their house was boxes and boxes with different things. They collected and collected, because in the days of their youth was all a little difficult to buy something and generally find in the sale, the deficit was everywhere.

They learned to live frugally and be grateful for what they had, even if they had very little. The New year did not give them iPods, oranges wasn’t bad enough.

They lived in small and simple houses, sensival clothes up holes, fixing broken things, used all to the end, and if I could not buy new, learn to do without it. Of course, all this skill is difficult to learn, difficult to fix something without knowing how it works, but because the skilled hands were each men of that time.

3. Modesty

Have you ever seen a real Hero who would everywhere not forgot to insert: «And I’m the Hero»? Even the most brave and heroic people never talk about the war, if they do not ask because it is hard to remember and because they believe that they were just doing their duty, and did great exploits for the glory of ourselves.

Survived the Great Patriotic war, did what was expected of them, but never spoke. This is in direct contrast to those players who score a goal, and then begin to run on the field and dance, giving five to all the other members of the team. When it comes to serious things, people act seriously and do not speak superfluous.

4. Loyalty

The great generation were serious about marriage. This was probably the last generation in which marriage was a valid obligation, and divorce is not seen as a solution to the problem. Hard to remember the people of that time, who would divorce. If someone got divorced, it became big news. In the forties ended in divorce one out of six marriages in the nineties — one of the two.

At that time, no one just «hanging out» and «looking for adventure». Men invited women on a real date with serious intentions. When a person loved someone, he did offer — and be done with it. Then they lived together for the next 60 years.

I’m so touched by, for example, the story of a nurse Zinaida tusnolobovoy who lost the front of arms and legs. At the time she was getting married and a long time was afraid to admit to the groom in a letter about his misfortune. When she did, her fiancé didn’t abandon her. They got married and lived together for a lifetime.

Of course, it may seem that people in those days was divorced less, it just means that more men lived in an unhappy marriage. Now we used to think that anyone tied the knot at the age of twenty years just locks himself in prison. Pair of the time in most cases were happy together. They were comrades and best friends. What is the secret? The answer can be found in simple advice: to change your expectations. They married and had families, when it did not have to think. They are not talking to each other: «let’s try, suddenly what happens.» Someone could argue that marriages were less happy because divorce was not accepted. And that changes the very possibility of divorce? Maybe you would be better trying to solve the problem, if I didn’t think that at any moment, they might run away?

5. Hard work

During the war our ancestors have learned to focus on what they are doing until the job was done. After the war, when they came home they too had immersed himself in work. They did a lot, and did it with passion, and therefore was happy. They could find happiness in any activity because she worked or had worked in the war not just for ourselves but for a greater purpose. Even to provide financial stability for the family — this is a great goal.

They rarely took a loan, because he understood that this is not the way that will help you to get what you want. All valuables should earn.

6. Take the challenge

The great generation was great, in spite of all the difficulties she faced, but because of them. Today we try to stay away from complex cases and hard work, believing that the simpler, the happier. But our ancestors knew better. They knew that there is no bitter without sweet, that true happiness comes from overcoming difficulties builds character and experiencing the soul. Complexity made their joy even sweeter because it was linked to gratitude: you got something worthwhile going through the test.

7. Keep it simple

Must possess common sense and smart approach to life. In our days men are so hard trying to find himself, his Holy Grail in the form of women or calling, while the greatest generation looked at life easier — and it helps. They are not sitting on a diet and just ate normal food. They tried, and worked around the house. They did not vibrate on your relationship, and just found the girl and married her. They always looked good, keeping track of fashion. They were not thinking which car better suits their lifestyle, and just bought a car that runs well. They did not think how to do something and just did it. They didn’t whine, and simply rose and left. Instead watch how your life goes, just get up and leave.

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