7 keys to life, the dream

We often write some motivational texts that cause some readers confusion. All due to the fact that they had no specifics that, in our opinion, very rightly so, because life is not about «break two eggs, add flour, sprinkle with salt and here to you happiness.» Everyone has their own way, and any specific advice that helped us may not help you. So we try to indicate the directions, reinforcing all of this personal experience, other people’s experiences, acquaintances, friends, that is the same guys as we do ourselves.

And this text is no exception. And we think it is important because gives advice in order to live the life I dreamt about. Whenever reality collides in a bloody battle with our desires, our mind is subjected to this test. What to do? To retreat or continue the unequal struggle? «Authoritative voices» in the face of family, friends, girlfriends give advice to your life, soon you begin to be perceived as quite reasonable. And you abandon your dreams, writing off her boyish, stupid or whatever. There are important reasons why the result is important: you’ve given up, and rejoin the battle will be very difficult.

How to protect yourself from this? How to set yourself up for fulfillment of desires? You can paint your plans, to dream, to complain of the injustice of this world and their own inadequacy, but it doesn’t change anything. You need to act and in order to your way gave the desired result, you need to understand the rules of the game.

We do not hesitate to ask your friends whether they are satisfied with their lives, and not lazy based on their answers to draw up a practical guide to how to make a reality of the dream. The result was a 7 conditional keys that should help you. Some of them surprised us.

1. Don’t plan anything from the beginning

This key was recommended to us by our friend the businessman, who successfully advanced in the context of its market segment in the small southern region. And he advised us, and therefore you, not to plan. That is, if you’re doing your favorite thing, then just do it. No need to think ahead, what happens. You love to draw with charcoal on cardboard, so draw. Do not build global plans, improve yourself, develop your technique, start with less. If you want to open a business, always start with small businesses, even when you have the opportunity to make things roughly in scale from the very beginning.

2. Improvise

And we said to the young father of the family. God knows, maybe he’s just in the mood invented it, but we still thought it was healthy. Situations in life are different, and many of them require not just a balanced, rational decisions. Sometimes you need to improvise, to make original and sometimes crazy moves.

The main thing – to be able to apply the «instrument improv» on a regular basis. And if you start getting, you can be sure that you will be able to cope with any misfortune that falls on your head. No one said it would be easy, but you must be flexible and ready to take destiny by the horns at any time and in any place. Some chances are given only once in a lifetime.

3. Habits lead to results

Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with habits that do not spoil your health and mind. To form the right habits – not an easy task, but if you do, this is very serious make your life easier. You first need to determine what kind of habits can serve as a translational motion in the direction of achieve the dream? For example, if you want to be a professional guitarist, your habit should be a daily lesson guitar for two to three hours. Also, go for a run, it effectively improves the health and self-confidence.

When you succeed, other people will notice it and will be amazed of your performance. They’ll know what you want and can work on themselves, so with a great desire to want to do business with you. People are drawn to those individuals who regularly give good results. Nobody wants to work with those who can’t control their habits or to exercise discipline on yourself.

4. Prove that you really want this

There will have to fight against laziness, their own negative personality traits. You have to be honest and hard on yourself. Some habits are not enough, it is necessary still for a long time and work well. When hunter s Thompson learned to write, he rewrote entire novels of his favorite writer Ernest Hemingway. In turn, the author of «the old Man and the sea» believed that if you work somewhere, you have to do this work well, or not to do it. Therefore, we can now read its incomparable journalistic texts, which, perhaps, he did not want to write, but through their own will power makes one kind of art.

You know, if you want to be a rock star, you have to measure your dream is not one statement: «I want to live like a rock star,» and a whole list: «5000 things I did to become a rock star.» And then once you begin to understand what you really want. Need proof to yourself first and foremost about the work done, not just vague hopes.

5. Be good for everyone

The advice from the employee of the press service. Any person needs to have a good reputation. Reputation is one of the pillars of success. It is easy to lose but to earn damn hard. A simple way to be her boyfriend among all – it’s just respectful to the source, to everyone, even your enemies. This is a trait of civilized man and the person who can answer for his words. This does not mean that you have to be compassionate idiot, and is not meant to be politically correct. To deceive yourself is not worth it, but to understand when your opinion is backed by facts, and when you just spew out a ton of bile due to the fact that your friend didn’t let you go to the bar with friends last Friday.

6. Enjoy the road

And this, of course, about the road that leads you to your dream. The result is always important, and the way you will deal a lot of damage, as in any journey. There will be people who will turn away from you, but if you continue, these people will begin to respect you, and if you stop, you will forever lose them. Stay cool and don’t give up. Lemmy from the legendary band Motorhead once said: «the Chase is always better than mining!» And we agree with that. So start to rejoice in this madness of the planet on which so many lives of billions of people.

7. When climb a mountain, start to grow

One of the most important moments in the life of any person is when he begins to realize that the ceiling, which he reached – this is someone’s floor. And in this case you need to punch forward and not stay in place. When you reach the top, continue to grow, and you will be surprised how much better things can be than you thought. Don’t be afraid to take more, don’t be afraid to set unattainable goals. Sooner or later you will come closer to understanding what all you can do.

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