7 inspirational tracks

Sometimes, listening to songs or in order to relax. But really good songs don’t just tickle your ears, sink in the heart, change your life, inspire you and help you remember something infinitely forgotten, but expensive. They can tell you about the bad but it is bad about your life, and maybe you’ll be able to change something.

There are a little songs that the Studio listening over and over again, introducing to your brain and rhythm and perfect word. Of course, such things among pop music will never meet or rarely meet. And individual this whole inspiration. But we still believe that there is music that is closest to the human life, the twists and turns, tragedies and, of course, happiness. And professionalism of execution of a special role does not play, but the soul definitely has value.

I think you have perfectly understand. And once you understand, then you will be interesting our small list of songs that we made for you.

1. Eric Burdon – When I Was Young

Eric Burdon – not just the man of the gate, as the singer of «The Animals». Although the song «When I Was Young», legendary in fact, was written not for the original band. But it doesn’t matter, because the text will be close to every aging man and the students have to taste: for learning to appreciate their youth and their «problems». We chose a live recording instead of the original – so soulful sounds.

2. Sixteen Tons

The song was once very popular in the States, and she said about the difficult everyday work of miners coal miners during the «great depression». We, of course, with the economy not so bad, but the extra listening will not be exact. Think about the difficulties that can fall on your head, under a gorgeous performance of johnny cash.

3. God’s Gonna Cut You Down

The song, which came from the people, but because the Cache became known outside of the American nation. She talks about «divine retribution» for the freaks who bully, cheat, kill, rape ordinary people. Don’t know whether it was true that everyone gets their just deserts, but in the universal justice I want to believe, even as an atheist. And lyrics, of course, leads to many thoughts about our country and about his own life. We decided instead of the usual clip to take a more eloquent visuals.

4. The White Buffalo – Damned

Know that many on manygoodtips.com love this musician, it is no wonder. Soul songs, and even love, he can sing much better than people who write about it every day, releasing hits packs. Probably about words that describe feelings that we had not one time we didn’t know where to go next in the relationship.

5. The White Buffalo – Wish It Was True

And this is a very sad song, but it opens eyes to many issues of life. Actually, it is about you, about those who have the time to bury, and that the old illusions will surely are broken, like drunk a bottle of gin, on a rusty metal wall. Indeed, only in dreams there is no place of pain and suffering. Only two songs this guy, and then have to score the entire collection.

6. Elton John – Rocket man

Actually, the song was not written by Elton himself, and poet Bernie Taupin (he does a lot of what he wrote for Elton). Well, the text, of course, about the astronaut and the space where an astronaut and space can only be characters. In fact, many people experience similar sensations. Well, as they do not feel, when you leave the house five days a week, and return each time as a different person?

7. David Bowie – Lazarus

Many of you probably already are fed up with David Bowie, but we’re not writing for sympathy, but for the sake of the song. «Lazarus» is the epitaph of a musician who knows exactly that he will die soon. And videoredo it shows it perfectly, and the music creates a feeling of hypnosis. Crazy like party brass, who hysterically scream towards the end of the track, but we, of course, the clip reminds us that life is finite. I don’t think there’s a song on this subject better than this. But I’m not a fan of Bowie. You ask: «And what is inspiring the hell?!» But does the awareness of inevitable death makes us live every moment like the last?

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