7 harsh truths that will help you


1. The final destination of your journey — grave

You’re going to die. No, you may not eat right or exercise in the morning, but you will still die. And no matter how hard the followers of a cult to convince us otherwise, most likely, we have only one chance to live on this planet. So live, damn it! The second attempt will not.

2. Are you worried about what do not worry

You lost your job, and it’s sad. However, if you have at least once in my life seen a news release, you should be aware of what an ass it happens sometimes in some parts of the globe. War and natural disasters erased from the face of the earth, entire cities and countries, crazy maniacs bundles wet innocent children in the basements of their homes. In short, your career failure looks rather pathetic against this background of rampant death. Stop whining. If you have hands and feet intact, and you can see the faces of his family, then your life is not so bad.

3. «Reality» is constructed by the people

Or do you deny that the world in which you live, nature has a very indirect relation. Yes, we definitely have to coordinate with physical laws, but much of what is happening in reality determined by the laws set by society, culture and so on. In short, reality is made by humans. But, of course, not ordinary people, and those in whose eggs enough steel for the construction of reality. The conclusion we can draw is simple: saving of metal in the body, you could take to break this «reality». And build your theme Park, with blackjack and hookers.

4. You need to accustom yourself to the risk

You are weak. The world is so big and scary and you just sykotno to stick your nose from the «bubble of comfort». The problem is that the one who does not risk, will not achieve anything. When the fear of failure that ruins you life cooler, how much could ruin her failure, it’s time to think about something to do.

5. From the painful memories can not escape

So your only way out is to learn to live with it. OK, sometime in the past you was very painful. But memories of pain hurt you now, in the present. They keep you from daring deeds that prevent you to live to the fullest, in short, it’s hurting your future.

6. It is foolish to try to impress someone who doesn’t appreciate the real you

To deal with loneliness, sometimes it’s very difficult. Sometimes you just wish someone was there to hold your hand, blah-blah-blah…

To get rid of the feeling of isolation you’re trying to please people — hypocrisy, lying, exposing yourself to someone who is not you. But did you ever get over the fact why you even are friends with whom you have to pretend to be someone else?

7. The only way to achieve success is to do what scares you

«If we move in that direction, which increases your fear, then you’re on the right track». Milorad Pavić

We have repeatedly told you that to achieve something, not getting out of your own comfort zone, it is impossible. So what are you waiting for, get moving!

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