7 great gifts for music lovers

If among your friends or relatives are audiophiles, then please them with a Christmas gift will be easy, if you choose something related to music. Can give an old piano or a harp, but it is better to choose something more real and necessary. We picked up a few things that will appreciate the music lovers.

1. Ukulele


We have a ukulele there, and it’s true — we’re not kidding. What we have learned from the experience of playing the ukulele? It can relatively quickly learn to play, he’s very mobile and fun to any company, no matter where you came from. The best choice for those who want to break from the routine and have some fun with friends. In General, we ukulele brought an endless stream of fun, and so we wish the same to you.

Best place to buy ukulele in a specialty store, where we have the most quality and trustworthy brands. For example, there is the MCC brand Baton Rouge — it’s the Germans who are known by everyone who is interested in ukulele. The Germans, you know, the hack is not doing. The firm produces expensive guitars — they focus on fans who know how to count money, know how to handle guitars and don’t want to just put the tool on the shelf, but also to learn to play it.

2. Portable speakers


Remember how once upon a time all went with phones, and each included their music so others can listen? Surely you have a friend who whenever possible this makes, that’s just from sound ears curl into a tube. Technology has made a step forward, but to be honest, in terms of sound smartphones not brought anything new. But the situation is quite different with portable speakers. In this segment, the audio went to a completely different level.A prominent representative of this class of devices is the Creative Sound Blaster ROAR SR20A. This wireless speaker system is designed for true connoisseurs of sound. It uses two amplifiers, enhanced HD codecs, NFC, Bluetooth and proprietary technology Creative. This is one of the few devices on the market, which not only reveals the middle and upper frequencies, but also provides deep, rich bass, which is responsible for 2.5-inch subwoofer.

And, of course, the manufacturer has not forgotten about design. And we’re not just talking about the visual part, which is simply amazing. In Roar all designed so that the sound had minimal distortion. The system is equipped with battery 6000 mAh — enough to enjoy the beautiful sounds of up to 8 hours non-stop.

3. Audio system


In fact, it’s a whole acoustic media center in a compact package. We would not advise you a regular column, and One from the Heos by Denon went from the standard speakers is very, very far away.

It’s all about the stuffing and capabilities. The first striking water-resistant casing that will please the fans of shower music. The second RJ-45 connector. So, this device is able to access the Internet. Connector need, to use for listening to streaming services like Dezeer or SoundCloud.

But this power is not limited to the Heos. Listen to music not only via Bluetooth but also via Wi-Fi using a proprietary app for IOS, Android or Kindle. Of course, in the device of such class do not forget about the sound. It uses broadband mid-buffer, RF driver and power amplifier. All of this is tied to the technology of digital signal processing DSP that gives a balanced and beautiful sound. Heos One will go to the person who doesn’t want to clutter the space with huge speaker systems, but appreciates the technological devices and quality sound.

As a bonus you can buy a sealed battery GoPack and take Heos nature, without fear of rain and humidity. Or buy two speakers for the stock from Denon, which is 30% cheaper than the cost of two separate columns. A set of two or more speakers can work as stereo pairs or as independent zones, each of which can be controlled from your smartphone, together or separately.

4. Headphones


The Focal company is widely known in audiophile circles. As a rule, professional headphones cost a fortune, but in this case, the company managed to keep the insanely cool sound, not raising the cost sky high. And if you think that is better than the «bits» there’s nothing, you should expand your horizons.Model Listen has a very relaxed design and will appeal to those who don’t like to stand out. From the difficult to guess what kind of inconspicuous appearance hides a sound comparable to top-end audiophile systems. So we can safely give them sensitive, does not have a threatening look familiar without worrying that the headphones will become the property of several Monsieur pogrom sentiment, insidiously waiting around the corner.

The main advantage of this model is the tonal balance. There are no distortions of the sound, so headphones suitable for listening to music of all genres. Thus they will be enough to reveal the very colours which invest composers and musicians during recording and which can not be heard on the budget models. Interestingly, these headphones from us are cheaper than in Europe and the United States — the price for them is 14 990 rubles. This is a more than reasonable price, considering that professional headphones cost from 50 thousand and above.

5. Bluetooth speaker

Stenn Audio Technologies — a company created by like-minded engineers, designers and specialists in acoustic systems, appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to win the hearts and ears of music lovers. It’s all in the approach to their products — the company manufactures good-quality audio equipment and has managed to maintain reasonable prices for their products.

If your budget is low, but I want to please a person who cannot live without music, then a great solution is to give him wireless speaker Stenn MW-1329. At its creation were used the most advanced solutions in the field of sound and unique engineering development. In the body, which, incidentally, looks more of their money, has two tweeters and a subwoofer that allows the system to cover a wide frequency range and have a powerful, rich sound.

In addition to the elegant sound column has wireless capabilities that are implemented using Bluetooth and NFC. With the latter it is enough just to touch the case with my smartphone to the system to join him. A very convenient solution that will not spend time on connecting devices over the air. And to use it to be more comfortable, it comes with a remote control column, so you don’t have to browse your library from your phone.

6. Wireless headphones


What annoys all of us the most is the wires. No one likes them! 2017 is approaching, and we still shrouded in them, like flies caught in the clutches of retrograde spider. Mouse, monitors, charging — wires and cables everywhere, and it’s just uncomfortable. Can be a long story about it, but say briefly: Bluetooth wireless technology — our all. If among your friends there are people who share our point of view, we know what to present them.So, to please them the coolest wireless headphones Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Urbanears from the company. This is a Swedish brand that speaks for itself. The main audience is young people, so if you’re not a demented old grandfather, then you definitely should be friends who will appreciate this headset. Primarily because Urbanears produces a very bright and stylish device. But about the sound, they also do not forget — the headphones set 40mm drivers handmade, which give very high quality sound.

Music is the kind of thing I want to share with everyone. Especially for this built in headphone plug ZoundPlug allows you to share music with a friend by simply plugging headphones to the Plattan ADV through the free port. And the duration of their battery life is almost 14 hours. Wonderful headphones, in our view.

And if still in doubt, here’s another reason to buy the brand is very popular among DJs and electronic musicians such as Sven of FET and he, incidentally, plays in the best clubs and venues of the globe.

7. Vinyl record

Such a gift will delight anyone who had once the case with vinyl turntables and gramophones. Maybe he already collects vinyl records and enjoys their unique sound, sitting with a glass of cognac, savoring every sound. And if not, then he would have a good excuse to buy a new player or to get out of the attic of an old Soviet gramophone, which is not remembered from childhood.

Surprisingly, the background of the decline of popularity of digital media CD, and MP3 CDs, vinyl records acquires new fans. It’s all in the sound and the atmosphere he creates. This is the only analog medium of sound that keeps the music intact, because the signal is transferred to the plate the way it was when recording. That’s why they are buying. We found the place by true music lovers and for music lovers — Imagine-Club, where you can find thousands of vinyl records, among which are unique, collectible and even propress, for which collectors are a real hunt.

If you do not know what to choose — turn your eyes on the Deluxe edition. Here you can find a collectible CD rare LP like Belovskogo album «Let it Be» or «Echoes» of Pink Floyd. By the way, you can always help the founders themselves Imagine-Club — they personally make up the whole range of this huge online store which will be able to suggest something that will appeal to a certain person. All items are in stock and are delivered throughout Russia and the CIS.

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