7 fitness trends to 2017

For some, fitness is a way to make yourself and your body, for others — a way to make money. It is as subject to trends and the big money sphere, like, say… well, anything. On the people’s desire to be healthy and strong sin is not to make money. And in order to channel their desires in the right direction, and created trends. And that’s what will happen to the world of sports and health in 2017.

1 Walking comes forward

It would seem that this eternal exercise, like walking, even should not be viewed through the prism of popularity. The walk was, is and always will be, her prescribing physicians, and for some this is not an exercise, but a daily reality. Moreover, in our days, the popularity gained so much fun, Nordic walking. Now in every, even the most worn-out town, you can find a respectable-looking pensioner, dressed in a tracksuit and helps himself to walk using sticks resembling ski. But what is interesting: in the West, where in our country already many years late come to different trends, the walk has gathered a good momentum, and for the first time in its history became a fashionable exercise among young people. It always happens when people start looking for a cheaper alternative bored fitness, crossfit, and other physical attempts. But the key word here is «cheap», because walking, in contrast to the same bike, doesn’t require investments and the purchase of costly equipment.

So new trends primarily depend on capital and not from use. Running, walking — they had reached a new level, and stores sweep all that is needed. And you need quite a bit. Well, the bike is not going anywhere. Everyone who rode it before, likely to pedal in 3 times more.

2 the Rest will not go away

Rest and recovery workout was extremely popular in 2016, and says nothing about that in 2017 they will go out of fashion. High-intensity workouts like crossfit Deplete people as a week work as a rower on the galleys and inspire hatred of all interval training. People need to recover — at least in order not to go crazy. No gain — no pain, all right, but everywhere has its limits.

In Instagram more than 1.2 million hashtags #restday, and it’s not just about stretching and cardio. The fitness industry has caught the trend, and now expect a surge of interest and popularity to such things as hydrotherapy, and halotherapy and everywhere will talk about the benefits of sleep and specific exercises that contribute to a better recovery of the body after workouts. It’s a business, like everything else, and money is made on everything.3 Intuitive classes

You might have heard about «intuitive eating», popular a few years ago and is based on a conscious approach to eating. The gist of it was this: prokladyvalas was just what was needed by the body in the desired, adjusted amount. No frills, only what is really needed.

The technique is wonderful as it teaches to listen to your body. Not only in food but also in fitness. For example, if you’re dead tired, it is best to avoid intense exercise. But if to be realistic, these days, when we are set up for arbeiten in the gym, not so much, more often just want to sit at home and drink beer.

What are we up to it? To ensure that the fashion for intuitive training and nutrition back. And if we follow it, it is only with consideration of built in workout schedule. It is necessary to go to the gym — go to the gym. Do not make excuses «inner voice», that’s just laziness. so do not confuse these two concepts.

4 Online training: this is just the beginning

«Era online» was possible even to conduct training remotely. Will not be big difficulties to find free or cheap online training, and build your schedule so that to do when you’re comfortable, but not your coach. For some, this is the only opportunity to beef up for others is a good way to make money. However, this determines the growing popularity of banal for the twenty-first century way to train. This year online training will reach a new level of popularity that has forced you to be wary of owners of fitness clubs. Because the average visitors who rarely go bad train — is the main target audience of online halls.

5 Holiday fitness regime

Despite seemingly not encouraging the economic situation, the Wellness tourism is still alive, and still in no hurry to slow down. While in the mass consciousness to lead a healthy lifestyle as it used to be considered cool, we will see healthy, beautiful people who travel on the Black sea coast on bikes, and prefer the romance of mountaineering tents and hateful «all-inclusive».

6 back to basics

The first was the large gyms with group fitness classes. Then there was a small gyms with no group classes. Then in Vogue expensive, specialized fitness studios.

What now? Large gyms try to go back to the original version, to its roots, organizing group fitness is often at a lower cost than in specialized clubs. So if you choose between a monthly membership to a large gym or a monthly subscription to the gym — bear in mind that the first option will cost you less.7 is Too smart of technology

It is hard to imagine a time when we could not track the number of steps and calories burned with one touch of a button. But portable devices are getting smarter, with elements of artificial intelligence becoming out of clothing items in the gadget of the first necessity.

Now technology will move to a higher level. It will be coaching in real time, not just tips. In other words, the bracelet will be able to help, to give advice on the performance of certain exercises. In addition, «smart» will not only bracelets, but also sportswear. Rumor has it that will soon be charming swimming cap for the blind, which will actually steer the swimmer and give advice.

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