7 failures of the great geniuses

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2014_IJLKrGqfJbvx6Even the greatest artists of his time sometimes create something that they are not proud. You can open the heading «And the old woman is proruha», and to highlight the most disastrous projects of famous people from around the world.

1. The Rolling Stones dedicated a song dry Breakfast


Believe it or not, but there was a time when the rolling stones were not a group, dragging his feet, musical skeletons. In the days of their universal fame and the peak of popularity, they gave the world incredible hits such as «Sympathy for the Devil,» «Satisfaction,» and «Gimme Shelter», which made them the most popular rock band of all time.


In 1963, right after they began to collaborate with major recording studios, The Rolling Stones recorded the song «Rice Krispies». And it’s not slang for a drug, or any prohibited drugs, which are so necessary to every self-respecting rocker. No.

They wrote a song about Breakfast cereals «Rice Krispies». Literally. Why Breakfast was the inspiration for the creation of such lyrical vyser? It is logical to assume that the Breakfast of rock stars is a drugs and vodka?

No one asked about the stones, perhaps fearing to get kicked in the mouth by the irrepressible Keith Richards.

2. Hunter s Thompson, writer of the TV series «Nash bridges»


You know him as a famous writer, the journalist, the founder of gonzo journalism. This immoral type, a lover of debauchery and weapons became a symbol of anti-culture of the twentieth century. But his madness he justified that it is necessary for the new journalism.


In the mid-90s, hunter Thompson had a hand in the creation of the series that had to do with its advocacy of the destruction of the American dream. Anyway, something that could shake the imagination that the expected and familiar when it comes to Mr. Thompson.

Two of Nash bridges and Joe Dominguez investigate crimes in San Francisco. That’s all. No surprises, running out of the law of the genre.

However, the main Director of the series, Jim Charleston, said that some suggestions of his co-author has been substantially rewritten, because «si-Bi-es would never have allowed us to show on screens in Prime-time prostitute, who arrived on a space ship made of reptile skin».


3. David Lynch has removed the ads


David Lynch, incomprehensible man, behind which «Blue velvet», «Mulholland drive» and «twin Peaks», has made a career by mixing avant-garde and Arthouse. Surreal masterpieces equally beloved, as true connoisseurs of the genre, and those who want to be a great expert, talking about the symbolism in his movies on a lunch break.


His strange and uncompromising films is expensive to author, rather, on the contrary. They brought fabulous wealth during or after the rental. It is difficult to convince people to buy a ticket to the surreal drama, when in the next room dashing Harrison Ford killing Nazis and seeking treasure. Therefore, in order to keep making movies and stay true to its genre, Lynch was making money, creating a glamorous and glossy advertising.

In 1988, Lynch did a series of commercials for the fragrance Obsession by Calvin Klein, went on advertising for Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, PlayStation 2. But of course, that the ranking of commercials wins is a pregnancy test. To smooth luscious feeling, remember about the child-monster, who became famous in the movie «the elephant Man».

4. Received the Pulitzer prize, the artist created «the Kids of the garbage»


«Maus» — a comic book written by Art Spiegelman, tells about the life of his father of Vladek Spiegelman, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust. Spiegelman redid the Jews into mice and Nazis, in accordance with the cats. The poles are pigs, Americans are dogs.

Sharp, sometimes rough, minimalist style used by Spiegelman in the picture is the darkest era in modern history, struck critics and readers: the author received the Pulitzer prize in 1992.



Working as a consultant for the makers of the famous baseball card company Topps in 1980, Spiegelman has helped to create a children’s playing cards. A collection of images called «the Kids of the garbage» probably would have won the opposite award of the Pulitzer prize, if such existed. Children take off their skin, hideous face, the abuse of banana — all of it came from the pen of a great artist, and even formed the basis of the famous American animated series for children.


5. The author of «Bambi» wrote cheap pornography


«Bambi» from Walt Disney — designed cartoon ruthlessly designed to make the most of children’s tears, was based on Felix Salten’s novel «Bambi. Life in the Woods», written in 1923.

However the book by Austrian author not had such a massive success, as her on-screen family.



This information is not an absolute fact, but many critics agree on the opinion that a dime pornographic novel entitled «Josefine, Mutzenbacher — the life story of a Viennese prostitute, told her own», is the brainchild of the author of «Bambi». In this book the masterpiece vividly describes orgies involving children, scenes of rape, incest and trafficking.

Perhaps in 1906, the readers did not have much Internet access, so the book became a huge hit. Has sold over 3 million copies.

Salten tried to repeat his literary success in the story about the continuing adventures of Bambi: the fawn has sex with his cousin and they have produced amazing pups. This is not a joke.


6. William Faulkner was the author of the cinematic slag


William Faulkner, author of amazing masterpieces of American literature. After he published «the sound and the fury», he was awarded the Nobel prize in Literature in 1949. Plus, he received two Pulitzer prizes, the last of which was awarded posthumously.


How can you offer an author who has reached such heights in his career, could play with different styles of writing: short essays, in epic novels. But the fact that he was the writer of one of the worst films in cinema history, «the Land of the Pharaohs» for many became surprise. Joan Collins played the Egyptian Queen, whose white skin, without a hint of Golden tan.

One reasonable explanation of cooperation: Boobs.


7. Sidney Poitier directed «Daddy Ghost»


The first black actor who received an Oscar for best actor («lilies of the Field», 1963). Respected actor, Director and diplomat. In April 1997, Poitier was appointed Ambassador of the Bahamas to Japan and holds this position to this day.


Despite the popularity of his Oscar-winning role, and a great game in Comedy, Mr. Poitier has created a wonderful film about a father who was hit by a car, and his spirit returned to the family and tries to correct the mistakes of the past.

A boring show with stupid jokes and rare. Not recommended for viewing.

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