7 facts you should know about cigars

Work.kom.ua_23.04.2014_ziKevOjbf5h0SIf you don’t smoke cigars, you must have a pleasant breath and a large lung capacity. For those who smoke, we have prepared a few facts about cigars. You can flash them on the corporate, the boss Smoking a cigar, or spending time with the family of your friend.

1. Size doesn’t matter

Regarding the cigars for sure. More short and fine cigars reach a higher temperature during combustion, and their flavor becomes more intense. Cigar smoldering slowly thicker and look cooler and because of this, more like beginners. If you are one of those who necessarily to smoke the thickest and longest cigar, which he only can find, it’s probably compensation. I wonder what?..

2. Color doesn’t matter

The dark colors of cigars — oscuro and maduro – looks solid. But this does not mean that their taste and aroma will be just as impressive as the color. Sometimes a cigar is wrapped in tobacco leaves of another variety than the one that is inside, and since dark leaves simmer very gently. So the light of the cigars not lose dark. Who says the opposite, he does not understand the question.

3. There is a correct method of lighting the cigars

If you ever lit up a cigar in the face of connoisseurs using normal lighters, you know they were condemning you. They could laugh and voice, and a fist, or discussed later and laughed — it does not matter. Cheap matches and lighters can spoil the taste of your cigars, including during the first puffs — they do not have such chemical properties. Experienced cigar enthusiasts use only wooden matches, butane lighter, or cedar chips for more of aristocracy.

4. Mystery cigar ribbons

A small paper ring that wrapped each cigar, for some reason shrouded in mystery. Someone said that the tape was invented by Catherine the great loved to smoke a cigar after horseback riding and did not want to spoil it with dirty hands. High five if you believe in this story! Others believe that manufacturers of Cuban cigars have started to use this accessory to English dandy does not stain the cigar on her white gloves. Actually, it’s just a marketing ploy. Brands advertise themselves and remind smokers exactly whose products to smoke.

There is debate about whether to remove the tape while Smoking. The perfect answer for all fans to argue: it does not matter!

5. The perfect companion for cigar — drink

If you’re not an ardent fan of cigars you don’t smoke them, being crystal clear sober. The cigar is meant to relax you, like booze. This combination will surely take you straight to heaven.

Combining drinks with cigars intelligently. Milder cigars are better suited to red wine and beer. If you chose a cigar with a mild flavor, it comes to Irish whiskey, Bourbon and port. If you smoke something that has to break the unusual a person, you need tape. Stay away from vodka and gin — cigar too burdened by their effects.

6. The exclusivity of the Cuban cigars exaggerated

All know what’s best cigars — the Cuban cigar, right? Maybe. They were certainly very good. However, many connoisseurs of cigars agrees that the Dominican Republic in the craft of making cigars from Cuba not far behind.

7. Smoking cigars only in good company

Cigars will not only add to your prestige, but comrades, you have obviously successful. Presidents, musicians, businessmen — many of them Smoking cigars. Freud with her, just parted. The cigar did not hesitate, and Michael Jordan during his athletic career he could afford it.

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