7 exciting quests for real men

Quests in reality — very cool stuff, not to include them in your terms of entertainment. In Moscow, for example, has over 800 pieces and is becoming more and more. Quests are different and not all of them are perfect. Somewhere can spoil the impression of the actors, where some staff. Yes, and the quest can not give what you expect from it. To avoid mistakes and not waste money, contact to rating agencies, which we did. Make a list of the 7 most exciting in all senses of the quests we were helped Guild Quests — the guys popularitybut quests in reality as a genre, as well as protect the rights of players to a quality and safe gaming experience. Their staff has more than 50 experts who not only are quests throughout Russia, but also have experience in creating fun and games, so evaluating them can be safely trusted. Just go to the Guild website, choose quests, read the reviews and opinions of players, Tugnui and go to an alternate reality to find out what made your bullets.

Performance «The Last Tour»

Fear, pain and adrenaline. This is one of the most extreme quests, where neither you nor your friends, never get a break. 300 square meters of the old Soviet plant with a huge number of rooms, the coolest transitions and dynamic tasks will turn you into rags. If you thought you were brutal and strong man, then you will have to revise their views, of course, if you survive. The realism of the «Last Tour» will hit the hammer on your perception, and fear of death will turn you into a squealing little bitch. If you think you saw a lot of the world, and the consciousness of your strong as adamant, it is not all that will happen to you. If you choose the hard version, which we do not recommend, if you’re a beginner, abrasions, bruises you provided. «The last Tour» really could be your last, friend.

Performance «In Isolation»

The atmosphere is reminiscent of the quest game world of Half-life and Resident Evil — underground research complex, where something terrible has happened. As befits such places, the complex is very large — more than 300 sq. m rooms. All the props are genuine inventory of scientific laboratories. The team will find out what happened. It will not be easy, because from the first seconds you will find yourself in a hell of a realistic atmosphere. Not only because of the very realistic scenery that put pressure on the brain and suppress, but the actors — they are constantly improvising and give tasks. You will be scary and creepy. Despite the fact that it is rather a Thriller, not horror, 1-2 people out of 10 refuse to undergo this quest — horror from the start. And, of course, in the quest there is a monster that will appear in the most unexpected moment — will have to turn your wit to figure out how to escape from him. Under constant stress and fear that would be problematic, because there are still mysteries that need to be addressed.

Zombie Apocalypse

If you watched the Walking dead or played Left 4 Dead, you probably imagined what will happen if you’re in a world where there is betrayal and death, and in the cities and forests teeming with zombies, what person shifted to the second position in the food chain. To feel in this world is easy — take your friends, which can be up to 20 people, your courage and go on the action game Zombie Apocalypse. The action takes place on a huge unlit areas under the ground where you have to find a vaccine to stop the epidemic. Need a good physical preparation and the ability to work in a team to survive and beat the game. If you want to get maximum adrenaline and horror, to plunge into the atmosphere of despair, the «Zombie Apocalypse» is a great option. By the way, this action game has a unique opportunity to try on a zombie skin for themselves and to visit the «other side, to see who of your friends pussies.

Women are from Venus

What’s going on in the minds of our friends do not even know themselves. We were asking. These creatures are mysterious and beautiful, one word can lead us into a stupor, after which we’ll unravel the riddles of their twisted mind. However, if you’re still willing to take the risk to dive into the halls of irrationality and their mysterious logic, then take your friends or girlfriend and storm the great quest «Women are from Venus». You will receive a lot of positive emotions and impressions — quest is very atmospheric, and its creators are very cool, worked entourage. If you’re new to the quests, you should take a few people, among whom must be girls. Interesting emotional plot and a non-trivial puzzle — what else do you need for a great pastime? You will learn a lot about their girlfriends, and they, in turn, will be able to look at ourselves.

Darkness 2.0

Is this the type of people who are not afraid of horrors, horror games and dark. They are usually sour-faced claim that «it wasn’t scary.» Well, we can only sympathize with them, because they just lose a lot of adrenaline and emotions, you will never know what it means to be a brick factory. Namely, such a prospect awaits you and your friends in the quest «Darkness 2.0». You guessed it, participants are deprived of vision. You have to escape from a dark and gloomy lab, solving not a trivial task, a mad scientist, relying only on the senses! And they are going to need in full and, most interestingly, they will work against you because the quest involved actors, who will whip up the atmosphere and scare before losing consciousness. If you ran to mom, when had Amnesia or Outlast, you should definitely try to transfer this experience to the real world.

1941: Battle of Moscow

«Battle for Moscow» is a quest with a full immersion, based on real events of the second world war, which means that it will appeal not only to history buffs, but to all lovers of authentic quests. In addition, it is a great way to introduce the younger generation to the events of those years. We recommend you to visit this quest, even if you’re far away from that. You will be one of the team members ‘ intelligence, which will save Moscow from attacks. In the quest thought of everything: scenery, sounds, smells. In fact, a real journey in time! The writers did a great job on the story — he is very thoughtful, no wonder the «Battle for Moscow» is considered one of the best historical quests. Unlike many others, it all puzzles are logically woven into the plot, and they are quite complicated.

Intelligence and care here are at the forefront — without them you will have to use the tips of operators which are, however, very subtly and gently pushes the players to the right decision. Realistic environment 100% will put you at a time you will visit the bunker, the bunker and feel real weapons — Mosin rifle and a pistol, and if you’re especially lucky, it will undermine the mine. After finishing the quest, you can be photographed with a gun in the dugout and make a memorable vintage photo. But do not forget the main task — to save Moscow.

The time machine. The mystery of Dr. Richter

Time machine, if it still will invent, revolutionize our world. If you treat it as an unattainable fantasy, then here’s a fact: Stephen Hawking was trying to check its existence. Unfortunately, it did not work, but it doesn’t prove that time machines don’t exist. So we offer you to plunge into one of the most successful of quests about time travel — «the Mystery of Dr. Richter». This sci-Fi quest boasts a non-linear plot, causing a storm of emotions, which is rare among the quests in reality. Alexander Richter is a young American scientist kidnapped by the Soviet secret services and involved in the development of a new type of nuclear and chemical weapons. You and your team will go in his footsteps, to travel through time and correct errors Richter, using his scientific inventions. The plot is well thought out, the puzzles seem complicated and mathematical, and Alexander Richter is a professional actor Alexey Goman. Coupled with the elegant surroundings it makes you feel and believe in the quest and story. Recommended to all who thought about the consequences of the murder of his grandmother.

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