7 essential items in your kitchen

Stupid stereotype says that the kitchen is exclusively female territory, which comes only in order to eat. This is a nonsense especially does not fit with the popular opinion that the best chefs are men. We don’t believe the stereotypes and we believe that a man must himself be able to feed itself — not the «instant noodles» pickled, but at least meat, baked in the oven. And since cooking is a delicate matter, without the use of tools is not enough. The variety of inventory it’s easy to get lost: here you and the blenders, graters, and all seem necessary. We decided to simplify the task and to choose 7 basic things without which it can not do, and then buy whatever you want.

1 Cutting Board


It all starts with the processing of food in order to cook something delicious, you have to do an autopsy tomato, massacre and green quartered meat. Discuss the surface on which it happens, namely, cutting boards, of tools, created to ensure that people do not spoil the countertops and tables.

Been a lot of debate as to what Board is best to grind: oldskool and natural wood, a cheap and practical plastic, or fashion and not all clear glass. No one can say for sure which is better, it all depends on preference.

Seems the most wonderful Board heat-resistant glass, which began to penetrate into our kitchen recently. Compared with their competitors from other materials, such boards have the best hygienic properties, not afraid of water, like a tree, not afraid of high and low temperatures, and is especially nice — do not absorb odors. But the fact that they are easy to wash, and can not speak. Try to wash the cut, all notches in wood, plastic and glass — the difference is obvious: glass is much easier to clean. And Yes, there are such devices are quite inexpensive.

Remember, this cook under every product, there are boards, one for fish, another for meat, another for fruit, etc. To the smells and other stuff is not tolerated on alien products.2 Set of knives

The king of the kitchen is a large cooking knife and a smaller knife — and his entourage.


To create anything worthwhile without a knife is quite difficult, so with a knife is not very easy. Better when it’s a bundle: for meat, for fish, for bread, for vegetables and be sure the pruning shears are for poultry and meat to shred bones, carcasses and cartilage. The fact that knives initially different: they differ in the thickness of the blade, so that quickly get blunt if you use them improperly. It is also quite inconvenient to clean from the rind of the orange with a knife healthy chef, when there are delicate knives.3 Electric rozetochki


No culinary extravaganza will not do without a good knife, sharp as a good joke. But this sharpness would be nice these knives to sharpen, because there are individuals who constantly complain about what products not to stab or cut does not work. And it’s not that genetics has proven products to the steel strength, it’s in the laziness of the owner, do not manage to sharpen knives.

The question arises: why sharpen? Some traditions choose the most ancient and reliable method — stick, otherwise referred to as «grindstone». But with the help of this stone are not all and not the first time impossible to bring knives to razor sharpness. Same problem with mussat — rod, who famously rubbed the blade. Best of all, of course, buy machines for sharpening, but not everyone can afford it (expensive toy), and it takes a lot. But everything from grinding to sharpening is solved with the push of a button. You can still buy a simple device in which is clamped two steel discs, between which it is carried out needs the sharpness of the blade.

But there is a thing that combines two equipment — electric rozetochki. Some of them even sharpen steel patterned blade and most importantly, doing it quickly and accurately. Even with a grinding machine that won’t work. By the way, you’ll get a 10% discount if ordering in Posudaplanet, you will enter a familiar and favorite promo code «manygoodtips.com».

Do not forget that not all knives require sharpening. Not sun under the sharpening stone knives with serrated end face, a magnetic coating or is made of ceramic, they are not adapted for it. 4 Tenderizer


Everyone wants in your life can make a steak that will melt in your mouth and break the taste buds with the taste of royalty. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find suitable meat. So resourceful mankind has invented to beat the pieces of dead animals with a hammer, that meat became more tender, juicier and actively incorporates various seasonings. That’s just to swing a hammer is boring, loud, shaking and soiling the kitchen.

And again resourcefulness did not fail man: he invented tenderizer — such a thing with lots of sharp needles, which one touch soften the meat better than a few blows with a hammer. Knives do not crumple and puncture the meat, turning it into something between a mince and chop. No you ugly flat plates, all aesthetically pleasing and decently.

5 wine bottle Stopper


Not every bottle of wine is drunk immediately. Not every bottle of wine drink up within 20 minutes. Sometimes they stand are long and inglorious, simultaneously viveria from all the most delicious. But do not empty the bottle due to your modesty! Only here what to do: plug in champagne will not thrust, and the wine though and stick, but there is a risk that in the process of opening it will crumble. So, for these purposes, and invented the most simple, banal, but valuable kitchen item — bung for bottles. However, plugging it can and a bottle of oil and vinegar, as long as the diameter approached. It would seem, a trifle, but still nice. 6 spice Set

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You have in the shed or garage may be a mess and a mess but you still know what and where is. But with the spices that won’t work. To find the number of bags needed and try to distinguish them on the color and smell it is hemorrhoid. Not to mix the ginger with capsicum, we recommend you to buy a set for spices, each spice will know their place. Yes, it’s often so aesthetically pleasing that can be safely put in a prominent place in the apartment.

7 Pot with colander


But what to cook? Oh, the most important thing I almost forgot. If you have something to cook, so we need the capacity in which it is possible to push. But if you just pan is OK, then a pot with a colander — just a fairy tale. It is a guarantee that the sink will not clog from treacherously slipped into the slit spaghetti. Besides, it is much easier to wash the same fruits, vegetables, berries and other small, loose things tend to slip into the openings.

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