7 deadly sins in a relationship

sins in a relationship

You make our way together through all the hardships of life, you irritate harmful and bad habits of each other, but in General the relationship is good. As soon as you relax and let myself lean back, enjoying their appearance, she takes and breaks your connection.

It is not uncommon. Most often events develop with guys that are 100% given to these relations — and, apparently, this is the whole problem. But why? You constantly told her you love her, you’ve always been there. Yes,exactly, this is the problem.

There are things you do without noticing it, while they kill love faster than anyone kills Kenny in this episode of South Park. We caution you, man. If you do not do this, you can virtually guarantee that the relationship will be long and happy. If you do not do…

7 deadly sins

It’s not a myth that certain things can kill love. We all know that change and put money in his underwear stripper is a bad choice, but there are less obvious ways to make yourself miserable. Now we present to your attention a list of things that ruin relationships. Read, remember and never do that again.

Sin 1: don’t try too hard

A woman sees when you’re too puffed, and it can be misunderstood: for example, she’ll think you’re desperate grasping at the first available option. No need to create it the impression that it is the best option that you have ever been and will be. Let her know that you care about her that she is special for you, but it is not necessary to swear his love to her and get in front of her on one knee on the first date.

Sin 2: don’t wimp

Most women are looking for a strong man who can control the situation. If you will show her pussy or momma’s boy, she will not be able to respect you, even if you really want to. And don’t lose your individuality. You are who you are, and she knew it when she started Dating you. If she thinks she can change this, you will until the end of his days to pick up your shirt the color of her dress.

Sin 3: don’t lose control

You should aim at full control of the relationship, and as long as you’re able to keep them under control, do it. We’re not talking about disrespect to her, behave with her as with an equal; we are talking about the fact that you cannot allow her to disrespect you. Stay strong and worthy of respect. When you lose control, it will demand from you to you, for example, less time spent with your friends — as little as possible. When she will start to lay you hands on, resist and be a man, man!

Sin 4: don’t lose your confidence

It’s a fact: sexual confidence — so consider both men and women. But if you lose confidence, it will do the same. It will cease to be confident in you. If a woman does not believe that you are able to deal with all of your male responsibilities and chores, she will begin to lose interest in you, who have experienced first. So keep your head up, whatever happens.

Sin 5: don’t let sex become boring

Once your sex life starts to become boring and predictable — and the same day the same will start to become your relationship. Sex should always be a touch of freshness in your life: try and achieve this by any means. If she always looked forward to, what will you do in bed next time, she will not need to fantasize about someone else. Try to surprise her and to realize her sexual desires.

Sin 6: don’t be very jealous

Let her know that you care about the men who surround her, but don’t do the jealousy part of your life. If she had a couple guy friends before the time when you started to be together, no sense and reason to worry about them. What is acceptable in your relationship, once you decide two, so no need to command the right and left, if you want to keep it. Can’t accept the fact that she had friends with penises? Look for another.

Sin 7: do not talk

When she says she wants to know what you don’t think she meant it literally. Sometimes peace and universal happiness must be able to close my mouth. When she asks you, you looked at another woman, deny it, and just ask: «What woman?»

Chin up

Not matter what you do, the important thing is to stay spontaneous and be guided by common sense, and then everything will be very good. Women don’t like boring guys and those who don’t think before I do. Remember: you have to be ready to implement all these ideas at any time and regardless of the circumstances.

If you begin to wonder how you should respond to her behavior, just try to adapt our rules to the specific situation. If not, don’t worry: the world’s elephant a bunch of women.

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