7 cool and unusual drinking games

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2015_EFoc9e9YWEPI8If someone of the friends, knocking a couple of glasses, begins to be bored, to talk again about the dollar and this has long boring things that you just want to ignore it, it’s time to come up with something interesting, for example, to play without distraction from drinking. About bir TDG already know, but the world does not hold. There are plenty of other opportunities to have fun and at the same time notably to drink.

In addition, in the Internet age, there’s something warm and nostalgic in alcoholic games. Drink after all, brings people together, no matter what was said by the opponents of alcohol.

1. Edward Hands and bottle

Hardcore game for hardcore guys. Remember the movie «Edward Scissorhands», which was directed by Tim Burton? So, this drinking game is not that other, as a tribute to the wonderful Director. First, you need duct tape and a couple of bottles of something strong. You probably already guessed. In your hands strapped open bottles, and neither player can remove them prior to their depopulation. A smart play, especially terrible for those who are constantly digging in my tablet. You can not go to the bathroom or to answer the call, nor even to open the door. Therefore, drinks for this game, choose wisely. But in any case, you’re in for a long night.

2. Star wars

Like all games focused on movies, this is based on the same. You include any part of the epic, and when someone exclaims «No!» – tilt the glass. When Luke makes some acrobatic flips, also drink. Well, when you hear the regular breathing of Darth Vader. If you want more blood and guts, grab some booze and put all of the pieces. Type of alcohol does not matter.

3. James Bond

Could not resist another game based on movies. After all James bond cool. You need a case of beer and wine. When in the movie someone says «James», you are doing two SIPS when you say «bond», you’re again doing two SIPS of a Martini. Well, when you can hear the full «James bond», drink half a bottle of beer. The fireworks in my head starts at the moment when 007 says: «my name is bond. James Bond».

For more mood, you can wear a good suit in the spirit of James bond.

4. I never

A good way to brighten up the evening in pleasant company. With strangers will be hard to play, can confuse people, hurt someone’s feelings. But with friends – the most it. It is better that you had a lot, not 2-3. For example, you say: «I’ve never been to Tashkent,» everyone who was in Tashkent, have to drink. More to do nothing, then the approval said the next person in the queue. Naturally, questions can be dirtier and sluttier. Of course, you’ll never know whether the person speaks the truth, but the more someone drinks, the more likely it is that he is still honest with the company. A smart game that does not require anything from you, except alcohol and courage.

5. Names

A game from childhood that we all played when spent long hours in his father’s car. In General, who starts the game, calling the name of a famous person. The following calls another famous person whose name starts with the first letter of the surname of the previous one. For example, if I say Boris Moiseev, the next may say Mikhail Zadornov, another will say, for example, Zakhar Prilepin, and so on.

Oh, and the most interesting. If you can’t remember some famous dude, start drinking. Drink until, until you remember.

6. Math

A simple game that you can pay attention. You only need the booze and the knowledge of mathematics at the fourth grade.

Each player says a number in turn. For example, the first says «One», two: «Two», and so forth. Every time the title number can be divided into seven (we know that 1 divided by 7, but I can’t find) the player must loudly say «Perelman!» If it doesn’t say it, then drink, if he does not speak in the right moment, he’s drinking. The challenge is to see how mathematical heights you can reach. There is a legend that a bunch of mathematicians came up to 1200.

7. Taboo

In the beginning of the game, each is dealt a card with a specific word or phrase that is forbidden to talk out loud. This expression should be General and frequently used. For example: I want, I don’t know, work, beer. Instead of words can be an action: «view in phone», «cross hands», «touch hair», etc. So, every time someone violates a taboo, recorded on your card, it needs to drink. Moreover, each player has a different word, and no one knows in advance what to do and what not to do. It is best to go unconscious actions. For example, some of the pathologically love to crunch with your fingers.

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