7 common myths about sex

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2014_Q8RbsZQFv6O1gIf you still doubt the correctness of their actions in bed, then it’s time to dispel a few myths about sex. This will help you concentrate on the sensations and not sweating about the new bikes that you told your friends last night. The most common myths that you can stop:

1.Sex is better when you’re young

Reality: of Course, when you are young sex can be quick and more athletic, but most sexually active older men say that the most satisfying and emotionally filled sex is after forty. At this age, you’re going to pay less attention to quick orgasms and more you take care of the sensuality and emotional connection. So don’t be afraid of «old age», there you will find great sex.

2. Condoms reduce the pleasure during sex

Reality: the Correct condom can enhance pleasurable sensations during sex for both partners. 68% of men choose the wrong size or shape condom. When they tried different condoms and found an ideal location, their pleasure during sex had doubled. Maybe it’s time for you to make a RAID on pharmacies and buy different types of contraceptives?

3. Your penis can easily bring the girl to orgasm

Reality: About 75 percent of women have never experienced orgasm only through vaginal intercourse. They need direct clitoral stimulation. If you want simultaneous climax with your girl during intercourse, the best way is to use your fingers or a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris.

4. Women less interested in sex than men

Reality: fortunately for us, it is not. A sexually satisfied woman is happy and loving. So you can blackmail sex.

5. The more the better

Reality: the Size of their penis is not big problem as you think. Compatibility of size is the real barometer. A large penis and a small vagina are not a good combination. In addition, knowledge of how to properly use a penis more important than size.

6. Less than 10 percent of women experience pain during sex

Reality: the number is much higher. More than 30 percent of women experience pain and discomfort during sex. So when she says she’s uncomfortable, take it seriously.

7. A woman wants to have in bed with a man who can bring her to orgasm

Reality: Women want men who make them feel better. If she needs a big dick, she can buy herself a vibrator. From you she wants real passion. She feels like a welcome there for you.

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