7 common mistakes in relationships

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2014_2kWOkLntzct1hYou probably have often asked her the question «Well, what am I doing wrong? What do you want?». And probably in response not heard anything intelligible. manygoodtips.com came to help you. You know that is actually not the case, as she was too shy to tell you, but we are not afraid to open your eyes.

With girls everything is not so simple. If you are dealing with a serious long-term relationship, you have repeatedly appealed to the telepathy. No, you are the master of telepathy. It is difficult to guess what a girl wants and that does not suit her. Of course, there is the possibility that you got lucky and your girlfriend is she able to explain what is still «wrong». And for the rest, here are a few of the reasons regular tantrums:

1.You don’t give her enough gifts

Maybe you did not think that this should be done regularly. After a long time passed a flower-bouquet period, well, or it was never there. Your modest gifts allow the girl to feel needed. Don’t worry about the fact that it takes a lot of money. This is not so. Friend will be pleased and lilac stripped under the balcony grouchy grannies.

2.You give her not what she wants

Remember! Don’t need to give a girl what would like to receive a gift myself. The radio control helicopter is certainly cool, but does she want that? Try to at least sometimes listen to what she says. Girlfriend she will reveal all the cards, just be careful.

3.You don’t understand it

Oh, Yes! «You don’t understand me you’re different!». The door slammed shut, and you hear her quietly whimpering in the bathroom the sound of water.

Seriously, that is so tough, why do you not understand? After all, it is easy to understand why she has such mood swings, why she wakes up and yells at you, and an hour preparing Breakfast for you, hugs you and succesa. After one such tantrum-ask her what specifically you don’t understand. Insist on clear answers and ask her to explain the variability in her mood. So you both will be easier.

4.You put it on the back burner

You often work late and prefer to spend time with friends at the bar instead of stay home with her and watch a movie. Probably your girlfriend have secretly collects things and is going to pass the buck. She’s probably already visited the advertised grandma Wang, who has advised your friend that you really are not a couple and you have no future.

Of course, this does not mean that you should flake on my friends and work. Just tell her about your plans in advance so she spent the evening alone. Let her go for a coffee with a friend, where they a Cup of coffee to discuss how you spread the candy wrappers and dirty socks in the apartment.

5.She doesn’t trust you

Trust plays a critical role in the relationship. For she has ceased to trust you do not have to change or betray her. You just need to write some unfamiliar (or even familiar) the girl in the VC. Even if the email message does not contain anything provocative, believe me, your friend will find what prikopat! So it is better to delete such correspondence or not do it at all.

6.You’re too attached to it

Though a companion and wants you spent a lot of time with her, she didn’t like, if you will, like a faithful dog sitting at his feet and wait for orders. So, in this all girl fuck understand what they need. In any case, you don’t have to be a doormat. She’ll get tired of your meekness and diligence.

7.You little talking to her

If you’re not talking with your girlfriend and you are not interested to learn about what’s new happened in her life for this day, then why are you still together?

Regularly talk, tell about interesting events at work, to share dreams, build joint plans. It’s not just a woman with whom you have sex. This is your friend, confidant and companion for many years if not for life.

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