7 cheap dates

You met a very good friend and wanna be with her all the time, but you are a stitch to paycheck and forced to eat some pot noodles? I understand your pain, man. But it does not matter, we now pokumekat and we’ll figure something out to save you! And don’t feel stingy. Do not have to empty your wallet to entertain the lady.

Here recently in the US dudes did a study which showed that 68% of women would prefer a simple cheap pastime, and 72% endorsed the option free Dating. Free, you know? Still not convinced? 83% of women don’t mind hanging out on a cheap date — no more than $ 25. And it would be more interesting than boring sitting in an expensive restaurant. In terms of our money is 700 rubles. Not particularly cheap, but they are there and other prices. In short, break through.

How so? The fact that normal friends (not the ones that are trying to leave at the expense of others) prefer creative bro who know how to entertain a friend, not a boring rich people. She just wants to relax and have fun.

Well, and what to do on this date? Come on, turn on the note! And we can help you. Here are seven ways to spend a memorable and however, a cheap date.

1. Night of museums

Night of museums is held in almost every major city. If you both like art or you don’t mind to see the world closer, it is a wonderful option. In extreme cases wanita unpretentious hipster art, which is now everywhere. A great way to spend a lot of time together and plenty of talk. Of course, if you creepy nerds have a chance to move from a person on the picture, but it’s who you have to be!

2. Hike

Well, or the option of a hike — bike ride. If you two don’t mind active is what the doctor ordered. You will enjoy the beauty of nature or urban landscapes, society, each other, and physical activity. You talk a lot, and you can just shut up and stare at the sides. And the trees on the sides too: a lot of interesting things you can do, hiding behind them.

3. To cook dinner

Joint work and a common goal together, and evening is most interesting is not actually food but a shared crush at the plate. And you will get a chance to show off their culinary skills. Here you can dance and do whatever you want.

4. Sporting events

To watch interesting sometimes even those who are not particularly interested in sports. If you went to football or basketball, you have plenty of time to talk and drink, here the main thing — not to drink of a friend. It is not necessary to put in tough and important matches, something simple. And important game, you can see on TV: we’ve already advised you how to teach a girl to love football, for example.

5. Different auto show

It’s like exhibitions and galleries. Many girls love to look at cars: they just like how they look. Since the campaign at the auto show — a kind of walk, you can stay and so romantic to walk in a warm summer night. If you know about cars, you will have a great opportunity to show off their knowledge.

6. Bowling

Bowling is fun, and there you can talk to. You can apply a good old trick is to help her make the right preparatory pose, you will laugh together. Bad play? And who cares, it’s bowling! Miss the fun too, let her win.

7. Little tour

Wherever you live, in any nearby local attraction that you’ve never seen. Look at the guides, Google it and see what is so special about your city and the surrounding area. Particularly good option for friends who recently moved. Show her a side of the city, which she never saw!

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