7 cases when it is better to avoid the dispute

As you know, in a dispute born truth, so verbal battles move the world forward. But there is one problem — it needs to be balanced, competent dispute balanced people, and not the verbal farce of two hysterical people. There are times when it is better to remain silent.

A separate line would like to emphasize the total inability of some to articulate words, phrases and your own opinion. Do not go unless you want to become a laughing stock.

1. When you don’t have enough facts and arguments

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2016_yaiqKqNPtHciHFor example, though still were on your side, and you’ve never been so sure of the rightness, as it is now. But what’s the point if you have no serious arguments? Dispute without arguments, firstly, makes you unarmed and turns of a reasonable person, weighing every word, loud arrogant creature. Look you’d be inconclusive, and to come out victorious of a situation, you need to possess some no authority.

Speaking with no arguments, you are setting yourself up for shame and the title of tyrant. But if your opponent parries cheers intelligent and balanced examples, then it is very likely to doubt its correctness and to take his side.

2. When the subject of the dispute are not interesting to you

Why waste energy on unnecessary debate if, say, you do not care about politics of the European Union, but for some reason you defend it right?

The man who is without the end of something denies any brawler, or a lawyer. But if to the bar your name is not listed, then calm down. You know, people are very drawn to intelligent companions, but only if these same comrades guarantee a quiet chat. And any argument, even a friendly, implies nervousness and tension.

Of course, to defend their point of view and strew arguments as Jimmy Carr jokes — much more interesting than just a drink, but on the other hand, people are always drawn to easy and free communication. You have all chances to remain without friends and circle of friends, if you are all the time trying to convince people that he was wrong, that his ex better than his present, and Aston Martin is much better his beloved Bugatti (although about cars all you know is that they have a steering wheel and wheels).

3. When the opponent is rude and foul-mouthed

If your face say that you’re a stupid retard who knows nothing, and picked up the arguments of his friends, homosexuals, degenerates, then you can end the dispute, and to congratulate you with the victory. This hysterical lost and helplessness passed from arguments to elemental aggression. So pay debate and get out, or reach for the brass knuckles, still a decent dispute will not work.

Although decent people such nonsense is not engaged with unbalanced natures avoid contact. Therefore, the appropriate people try not to go on the show of Vladimir Solovyov, where hysterical politicians, human rights activists, politicians and public figures, after hearing argument, starting hysteria, yelling and trying to hit Vyacheslav Kovtun.

4. When the opponent goes to the person

«How can you laugh about such things to argue with his incomplete secondary? You just can’t understand such complicated things»; «I was in Europe and I saw it all. And you’re not, so don’t try to argue»; «and it tells me the man whose whole life was a girl» — this is called the transition to the individual. And if you managed to converge in a verbal altercation with a wretch, then hurry to stop the controversy. Trust me, you’ll seem smarter.

If a person went to the individual — then he ran out of arguments, and he began to make excuses. But to admit their wrong pride would not allow, and realizing that the dispute is lost, the citizen tries to hit on your emotions. The tactic failed, but that he remains. The best thing you can do is to indicate how low he had sunk, and to end the conversation. No one will think that you lost, even your companion will understand that in this battle the victory was for you.

5. When you use false arguments

manygoodtips.com_10.11.2016_H9yECSGVIEZmzNever use false claims in the dispute, because the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. Many people do, especially when you do not have enough arguments, and they begin simply to invent. Don’t underestimate his companion — he may well not be as stupid as it may seem, and easily refute your nonsense about the fact that Elon Musk has developed a hydrogen bomb, and the Democrats won the U.S. election, just because trump took a large rednecky of Ohio families extra children and promised the miners from West Virginia to translate Themr Plaza and its casino on unclaimed coal heating.

6. When you get in a society with its own laws

When you join a new society, a new job, new company, new family, new country, then you are faced with the established orders and laws. No matter how absurd, senseless and ineffective they might seem to you — don’t try to argue with them. It is impossible to convince the Icelanders that it smelling like a gathering of homeless shark is no food, and torture for your nose. Rather, he will nail you with your axe and sacrifice to Odin.

Or, say, sitting on a new job, have you noticed that they go for lunch in 2 hours, not an hour as it was last working. No matter how stupid you may seem, resigned. They have 20 years on the market, and all 20 years have lunch in 2 hours. And don’t buy coffee at Starbucks, and the other the bad network of coffee houses because they have with them the sponsorship agreement. So don’t try to convince them of the ineffectiveness of routine orders it might offend the user. Even if you have the argument, the arguments do not go, try to annoy people less.

7. With his girlfriend when she has PMS

Not now, not ever. It’s like trying to teach awakened from hibernation bear to ride a Bicycle. While there, the bear is not so cruel and terrible in anger than a creation, for whose sake you come home everyday. Be careful: you will be killed, you are morally bullied and physically destroyed.

The girl and so hard: it throws hot and cold, and out of order female logic prevents to formulate thoughts. And here you are with your arguments. And if you’re four right, but if you don’t want to hear «Oh, everything», to see how the demons of her insides torn out, and from his eyes tears, — agree with everything she says, even with the fact that black Wallpaper is the best choice for the living room. Soon let her go and she is still 8 times will change your mind.

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