7 cars that are better than their more expensive brothers

Many laugh at the people who before buying something big (like a car) I think every penny, scrupulously studying all the features. And they’re right. If the car is more expensive, it does not mean that she is the best. Get at least a «Lada-Priora». And now we’ll prove to you why two similar cars of the same brand (did not add kerosene to the flame of the eternal dispute about «which car is better» because the attachment to the brand prevents a sober assessment) should take the one that is cheaper.

1. Toyota 4Runner

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_7GeXdBfwrHzeXPrice: $ 33 510

Brother more: Sequoia

Brother price: $ 44 965

Why is it better: 4Runner – a very capable a car which in principle can go wherever you want. It’s a real SUV, not a crossover, but for longer trips through the vast expanses of Russian roads curves fit perfectly. Workhorse (if you want, Il), which will not fail.

But the «Sequoia» from a practical point of view, is only suitable to tow a yacht, tanks and transport multi-ton loads. So if you don’t buy a Land Cruiser, take a smaller brother of the illustrious family of Toyota.

2. Porsche Cayman GT4

Price: $ 600 84

More expensive sibling: 911 Carrera

Brother price: $ 89 400

Why is it better: Why Porsche is a good car, I think to explain not necessary. And that is why the Cayman is better than his relative, probably, is not widely understood. Let’s start with the depth. Porsche, of course, grateful to my most loyal and wealthy customers who choose nothing like a 911 with the engine in the back of it, as it was from the earliest days of the universe. Want a little corporate secret? From the performance point of view, the installation of the engine in the middle (behind the driver but ahead of the rear wheels) is much more cost-effective solution.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that Porsche deliberately kept the «Caiman» in the shadow of big brother, so that confused customers and didn’t steal the glory from the more popular and expensive instance, because in fact it’s faster. So you are unlikely to find a competent comparison of these two relatives on the Porsche website. But note one thing: in addition to the speed and rates, other benefits from brisk «Caiman» no.

P. S. Porsche has recently announced the release of the 911 new generation with significant upgrades. The price is not yet known.

3. SUV Mercedes-Benz GLE

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_ArVMHuvjc9B9iPrice: 51 100$

More expensive sibling: the coupe GLE

Price brother: 65 100$

Why is it better: You ask, what the hell, we compare a coupe with a SUV? Yes, because they very a lot similar, but in fact it is one and the same vehicle. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that the SUV, even though it is cheaper still fatter: fuel consumption is much less, plus 27 cubic feet of cargo space, which is more expensive brother, bring a lot of joy. And for extra bells and whistles like airbags and seat ventilation will have to fork out a tidy sum. So if you have some strange pull to the coupe, the choice is obvious.

4. Nissan Juke

manygoodtips.com_16.09.2015_ql8h7RcGSGrmNPrice: 22 050$

More expensive sibling: the Fraudster

Price brother: 23 040$

Why is it better: the Juke is an energetic small (although compared to what) the crossover, with its bright character and personality. And let many people call the Juke «castrated «Kaseem». Most treat him negatively just because driving this particular coach more often ladies than gentlemen. And with whom we compare? With Rogue? Yes, it is more spacious and, unlike his brother, four-wheel drive. But when you look at fuel consumption, I understand that the overpaid money is not worth it. In fact, this best friend «Juke», which is still doomed to be in the shadows slightly more successful friend, as woody Harrelson is forced to stay in the shade a bit more successful best friend McConaughey.

5. A vehicle with a rigid folding roof Mini Cooper

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_LwrsUraDMt5JcPrice: 20 700$

More expensive sibling: the MINI countryman

Price brother: 22 750$

Why is it better: Today two-door version of the Mini, with a rigid folding roof – the closest in spirit to the classic Mini thing. Everything else is a parody. The two-door baby’s got a temper. He looks similar to boot, but sitting behind the wheel, you can’t feel the difference between him and elder brother. We love American cars for their insolence, and Mini knows how to be rude.

6. Cadillac ATS-V

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_UeuIa8dP38T0mPrice: 62 665$

More expensive sibling: the CTS-V

Price brother: 83 995$

Why is it betterObjectively ATS-V faster than competitors like the Mercedes AMG and BMW M. he’s Also much faster than its more expensive brother – the CTS-V. You say that the CTS-V luxury, and thus he had no reason to be faster than their mundane colleagues. But as soon as you begin to translate the look of luxury to such important details as the performance and other criteria, the hobby slowly disappearing.

So, the CTS-V is an impressive car. It’s a real blast bored in the field of automobile industry, and at the time he really blew up bored world of machines. But unusual indicators (650 HP maximum speed – 200 mph) lose their flair when you are seeking parts and accessories cheaper.

7. BMW 2 Series

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_1BpFo3SE3vfebPrice: 32 us$850

More expensive brother: 4 Series

Price brother: 41 650$

Why is it better: BMW doesn’t want to admit that the 4 Series is the best sports coupe ever came out of Bavarian horse riding stables. In 2 series of the same fundamental powertrain, brake pads, many parts are the same expensive as the older brother with the 4 Series. But 2 series is a hundred pounds lighter and much more attractive for the crazy drive at speed. There’s another reason. Consumer reports showed not only the fact that among drivers of «two» is much more popular than their older counterparts, but that in terms of gasoline consumption it much more attractive. Plus an adequate price. So it’s safe to say that this is a car that BMW does for the driver, and not to boast.

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