7 books for a successful marketer

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2015_57LZTJjLgEMTUDuring the crisis, and total cuts one of the first under distribution has got the marketing, advertising and public relations. We firmly believe that bad employees will not be reduced, so don’t be lazy ass and do self-development in professional field. High-level professionals are unlikely to remain unemployed, the more such a useful and potentially highly profitable.

1. «Contextual advertising that works. The Bible Of Google AdWords By Bryan Todd, Perry Marshall

Opens today’s list work famous in the world of advertising consultant at Google. Is a desktop tool for all those who want to learn how to use a search engine to promote your Internet project and, accordingly, earn. The book will help you plan an advertising campaign in Google AdWords to choose keywords and make attractive advertisements. By the way, how to evaluate the results of their work with the specified tools on these pages is also written.

2. «Buyer on the hook. Guide to creating products that form habits», NIR Eyal, Ryan Hoover

Human beings are creatures of habit. And knowing that the best marketers use for many decades. The principle «hook» is a combination of a four-phase process, which lies at the root of many addictive things that we use every day. NIR Eyal teaches the reader the art of making your product indispensible, deftly saudrija the brain of a potential buyer.

3. «The art of creating advertising messages,» Joseph Sugarman

The author of this book argues that, despite the rapid progress that has made our world dependent on digital technology, the basic advertising approaches remain unchanged. As, however, and the nature of the average consumer. The book «the Art of creating advertising messages» is called a textbook, a compulsory reading for anyone who decided to associate their profession with advertising field. But the text is written in easily accessible language, full of examples and light humor, after all, one of the many talents of the author – it’s easy to write about the complex.

4. «How to drive competitors crazy guy Kawasaki

The title of the book speaks for itself. Her world-renowned author, who was behind the creation of Apple, helps the reader in creating a carefully thought out advertising campaign offers a unique method of struggle against competitors. Everything you need a marketer that can be gleaned from this work, namely: how to increase sales and profits, retain customer loyalty and attract new. And, of course, become a headache for their competitors.

5. «Overcoming of a precipice. Marketing and selling high-tech products to the mass consumer», Geoffrey Moore

An excellent guide to the world of high-tech marketing business magazine Business Week. In the first days of sales the book has sold in huge quantities. It is also popular in our country, especially among developers of high-tech products, students of relevant faculties and those whose work is connected with marketing and advertising.

6. «The psychology of persuasion», Robert Cialdini

The book consists of 50 articles, and each described how to master the practice of effective persuasion and influence on people. The author is confident that the secret lies in the scientific approach of studying the psychological techniques designed to influence another person. «The psychology of persuasion» is quite universal edition, with which you will be able to establish great communication, working with people in sales and beyond.

7. «Selling the invisible. Guide to modern services marketing», Harry Beckwith

«New marketing is more than just a activity, it is a way of thinking» – says the author and gladly shares his knowledge with the reader. The book is very popular among advertisers and marketers around the world, as the theoretical material contained in it, has a very interesting flow, reminiscent of the advice of good friend with a lot of vivid examples, comparisons and specifications.

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