7 best TV shows of fall 2016

Summer turned in some weak. Summed up the «hunters» failed «suicide», and even Kevin Smith took something unintelligible (that was the worst). Right season cinematic disappointment, with rare exceptions in the form of «the Conjuring,» «the Neon demon» and «Human Swiss army knife». But we do not lose heart, because all summer we waited for the Prime Minister, which will give us a gray and rainy autumn time — here is where carousing meticulously look cinephile. Pleased with the variety of genres that will give the opportunity not only sad about the destiny of the human, but to laugh at his own stupidity — woody Allen the master of such things. Among the expected novelties also has a series with the smell of the wild West and the sound of revolver-shots — westerns never die, trust us. As you can see, we gathered a selection of ambitious and promising series. Yourself are going to watch each of them, and I advise you to do the same.

1. Young Papa » (The Pope Is Young)


Premiere: September 3, 2016

Vatican city — Western theme, but even interesting for our audience. A little Italian exotic never hurts, especially if the story tells of the corruption of power the man who will be much more influential than many presidents, and dictators. Many felt that the power of organized religion has sunk into Oblivion. But if you look closely on the sides, it is easy to see the opposite. The main role has been assigned to Jude law. To play Dad, he agreed without hesitation, telling about his character: «He’s incredibly inconsistent, and I’m even somewhat admirable. Now he can say one, one second more. However, he will fully believe in both ideas. Here we don’t like».

Problems of Vatican city are problems of the Vatican. And not problems it is actually. If they are going to be patient and watch the rest of the series to the end, you will realize that we with interest and honesty, without provocation, tried to explore contradictions, challenges and exciting aspects of life of priests, nuns and Popes. The more that the last few stand out.

– Director Paolo Sorrentino about the show

2. Mercenary Quarry (Quarry)


Premiere: September 10, 2016

1973. Sniper us army Arthur just returned from the third military missions in Vietnam, but America has changed. The main character thought that it will be welcomed as a hero, but all people, even those closest to you, turned away from him. Anti-war sentiment of the American society turned against the guys who risked their lives for the glory of their country. The war in Vietnam even at the highest level now is considered total failure. There is no work, society has turned away from «national heroes», some soldiers are trying to put over «the killing of civilians». Arthur hoped for more than the rest of your life to spend for the machine at the factory. And here he meets the chance to join in a criminal network of assassins and earn an «honest man». He agrees, getting a new person, whose name is Quarry.

3. The last candidate (the Designated Survivor)


Premiere: September 21, 2016

Topical series, which is prepared, apparently, to the upcoming elections of the American President. No wonder food because, to quote «South Park», the choice between shit and big enema. Again. But «the Last candidate» s humor is connected poorly. More precisely there is generally not planned anything funny. It is a political Thriller that operates on a shared fear of a terrorist attack, which today can be carried out at any time. The series starts shes — during the annual message of the American President going on the attack. Killed not only the President but also the officials, who held senior positions in the government. In the only surviving successor to the President — Tom Kirkman, who is not even aware of their own destiny. He was a cog in the overall governmental system. A regular officer, who served not the most important position. But it was destined to become President, and that means to understand in all situations and take on the burden of government in the most difficult moment of the national history of the United States.

4. The crisis in six scenes (Six Scenes in Crisis)


Premiere: 30 September 2016

Woody Allen is a personality in world cinema cult, but one way or another, already fossil. He is 80 years old, after all. And at this age he still clings to the senses, squirts out a masterpieces and making a movie. Movie with a capital letter. In the series he almost never participated. Up to this point.

In General, 30 September, we all watch the first episode of the first TV series from woody Allen. The events unfold exactly the good time United States — in the 60 years of the twentieth century. The series extended over several seasons, which in itself is very good. You will not have to once again start watching the epic, which lasts a good ten years. Most likely, the «Crisis in six scenes», following the logic of the name, limited to six episodes.

The plot revolves around an ordinary provincial family, where Allen holds the post of head of the family. All is quiet, measured, aged, yet in family life do not rush, two crazy hippies who represent the generation that vividly flashed brightly and sunk into oblivion. I hope that the Director will not fail, but his brain is still working as it should. Old stuff from Allen we’ve always liked.

5. The world of the wild West (Westworld)


Premiere: 2 Oct 2016

In ancient times when the film just became a color, and hippies still roamed the lands of ancient California, the writer Michael Crichton came up with a gorgeous story, combining the Western and sci-Fi. The story he embodied in the 1973 film «the Western world». The producer of the film is Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan. But you don’t even need to know the cast — just look at the original, you will understand that it is not just considered a classic of cinema. And this fall, the series, which is a free interpretation of the film by Crichton. The universe is the same story altered, but the atmosphere promises to be «old and good». In addition, the series involved such actors as Anthony Hopkins, ed Harris and Evan Rachel wood. Doubt that will fail.

6. Detective Agency of Dirk gently (Dirk Gently»s Holistic Detective Agency)


Premiere: 22 Oct 2016

Douglas Adams is the writer who is responsible for the cult novel «Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy». You probably watched the movie and already know that a space-faring civilization without a towel is impossible. But this fiction had a lot of other books, one of which is a «Holistic detective Agency Dirk gently». Too fantastic, but with the admixture of the detective genre. This book can confidently be gutting for quotes. And it even tried to remove the episode, but the launch failed on the first season it is not moved. This fall, the filmmakers decided to try his luck a second time. Company will be named Samuel Barnett, who will play slightly stoned private detective, and Elijah wood. Last tries on a mask of assistant detective, who is happy his fate will be. The Duo is excellent, gorgeous story, and what happens in the end, we don’t know. But let’s hope Douglas Adams would melt into a smile, sitting on the cloud planet of the alpha Centauri system.

Horses, in fact, much smarter than I want it to show. Difficult constantly wear another creature and make your own opinion about it. On the other hand, it turns out, quite possibly for days, without Dismounting, to sit on someone and not know anything about it.

– Holistic detective Agency Dirk gently –

7. Taboo (Taboo)


Premiere: autumn 2016 (exact date not yet known)

If the world were betting series, we definitely would have put «Taboos» on the series, which will acquire millions of fans. Moreover, there is great hope that this will not happen just because starring Tom hardy involved, but also because «Taboo» is removed in the walls of the BBC, and these guys love the accuracy of the historical process. That is, the viewer will see flying dragons, but real, harsh life of men of the nineteenth century, «primitive» trade relations, competition, without the right to lose — a time when the world was in a constant state of rebellion, change, development, and terror. While not all were studied, and Africa was a mystical region, full of many dangers.

The main character — an adventurer, a traveler who decided to come together to fight with the most dangerous and powerful enemy of his time — the British East India Company. At one time this company controlled a vast financial flows and led the entire India and numerous other colonies. She’s only nominally was under the control of the British crown. Of course, it is impossible to assess the performance of the financial structure only from a negative point of view, but the main character, James Delaney, there is no choice — if he wants to be a winner and to save the family business from ruin, he will have to enter into an unequal battle.

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