7 best books-biographies

Dude, manygoodtips.com often says that reading is an important component of the work. Besides, we are trying to tell you is really interesting and useful book, which is not ashamed to speak to friends and girlfriends. So stop lying on the couch and switch the TV channels! Today we remember the biographies of those with whom should take an example. Let’s do this!

1. Irving Stone’s «The Origin»


Irving stone, American writer, who became the founder of the genre of literary biography. Creating his works, he relied only on the facts, discarding the extraneous speculation and rumors. Under such a scheme stone wrote art biography van Gogh, Jack London, Freud, and many others.

«Origin» stands out among others that tells the true story of Charles Darwin the founder of evolutionary theory. Information here much more than in biology lessons in the 8th grade. Anyway, it is useful to know how Darwin came to the conclusion to strike a serious blow at the religious picture of the world.

What is born, is born to eat and be eaten.

2. Albert Goldman «John Lennon»


Needless to say that John Lennon was a frontman of the fab four that changed the world? Music and philosophy «The Beatles» conquered millions, and their lead singer was a crowd favorite. But every genius has his own skeletons in the closet, which in this case tells albert Goldman. His version of the life and death of Lennon was heavily criticized and recognized as the most controversial among others. If you are interested in the sharp UPS and downs John, be sure to pay attention to this book.

Who am I crazy or genius?

3. Henry Ford «My life, my achievements»


It’s hard to imagine how tight I had to be in the modern world, if this smart guy did not invent Assembly-line production. It is noteworthy that the book is an autobiography, in which all information comes to us «first-hand».

«My life, my achievements» – a sort of historical reference on how relationships were built with people in business and everyday life. The founder of the US auto industry, without further ADO, shares his secrets of success, psychology of communication and the organization of production. For dudes who dream about their job – must read.

By themselves, ideas are incredibly important and valuable, but it’s just ideas. Almost anyone can come up with something. To bring the idea to reality in a specific product – that’s what really matters.

4. Walter Isaacson «Steve Jobs»


American journalist, Isaacson was working on a book about Steve Jobs more than three years. During this time he managed to learn many facts of the biography of the founder of the Corporation Apple. The book was released shortly after jobs ‘ death and became an international bestseller. Later based on it will appear a screen adaptation of «Steve jobs: the Empire of temptation» named worst of a modern masterpiece. But we both know that the book is always better than the movie. So Ixnay on the case and take a couple of days story of a genius who has learned to think differently and therefore became successful.

If you want to go in a new way, you must make it myself.

5. Bengt jangfeldt, «the Rate – life. Vladimir Mayakovsky and his circle»


Mayakovsky is the symbol of the Russian revolution, the hero of his time. The book of Jangfeldt tells not only about the close friends of the writer, but also about other individuals surrounding Mayakovsky, whose fate was linked to that tragic era. Political, literary and personal experiences, which for many is still a mystery, is quite accurately disclosed in the work of Langfeld. Steel Mayakovsky, his unscrupulousness and style deserve special attention.

I SMOKE. This exhausted my public and private activities.

6. John Krakauer «Into the wild»


This biography of a regular guy Christopher McCandless, who after graduation left their way of life and decided to hitchhike to Alaska. Why promising guy from a good family unity with nature? It turned out Christopher what’s he up to? John Krakauer wrote this book, relying on the «logbook» vagrants and their own experience of such trips in the rebellious youth. It is worth noting that the story of McCandless was very inspiring and interesting to the General public, so in 2007 the decision was made to release the same film.

Your only enemy is yourself and your own stubbornness that prevents to go in a new way.

7. Jane Hawking «Journey to infinity»


The only book in the collection, written by a woman. But no, I’ll skip the sexist jokes, because of the courage of Jane Hawking not to take. About the amazing story of Hawking’s said and written so much! However, the memoirs of his first wife, perhaps, stand out.

We all know about the achievements of Stephen in physics, about his achievements and contribution to the popularization of science, but the fact that he was in fact, can only tell a woman with whom he lived for 25 years. The book Jane, edited and finalized together with Stephen, became the basis for the movie «Theory of everything». Among the many nominations it should be noted «best adapted screenplay», which hints at the high quality of the source text.

The prospect of early death made me realize that life is worth to live it.

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