7 basic components of men

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What makes a person who he really is? This question was asked many times and everyone answers it. For example, Joseph Brodsky believes that «man is what he reads.» The Greek playwright believes that to know the nature of man can be of the conversation, as mark TWAIN stated: «clothes make the man» as «Naked people have little or no influence on society».

There are several basic features that are inherent to the male gender. Although there are slight differences depending on culture, yet there are certain vital characteristics that appear in any real man. However, they have not been these traits, positive or negative, they are the very constituents of nature. So, here is a list of the 7 traits of the male character.


Physical abilities are an important part of being human, regardless of what they do. This trait is the most primitive and important in many cases from self-preservation to mating. Courage and men’s health make it an attractive candidate to the opposite sex, and his strength and growth as before, are influential factors in the social and business world.


Throughout time, the ability and desire to provide everything necessary dependent people is Central to the character of this man. You both will have to use their physical ability, intelligence, common sense and the desire to succeed, you can do a lot to achieve. Regardless of geography and social status, are mostly men, to provide their family with food, a roof over your head, to dress, to entertain and to create a comfortable atmosphere in the overall concept. This is a common role, a stereotype of a real man in society.


When talking about the partnership, man is considered as «less injured». He was allowed to remain a bachelor even at a more Mature age, unlike women. The desire for independence and freedom, as a rule, the symptom of male character.

The role of the husband as the aggressor in finding a partner often recognized in most cultures, pursuing its interests. It may sound like an archaic and primitive words, but even in modern society, the rule remains unchanged. Once married, the man loses much of its freedom and independence, so before this important step, it is important to think: what goals I have for this?


Denial of emotions is ingrained in men from a very early age. Not for nothing did the phrase «boys don’t cry». The ability to suppress personal feelings allow men to maintain an objective view of the circumstances. A person is able to make rational decisions in the most difficult moments of life.


Men have always held the opinion that it is better to rely on the mind than on intuition and emotions. Using reason and logic, they are able to look objectively at the situation and find a rational way out. Education and the acquisition of certain knowledge can be considered important factors in the development of men.


In relations between people men tend to take leadership roles and take the initiative to thereby be able to influence others. In this trait there is a negative side, because people, not seeing the border, can act dominantly to suppress the will of others. On the other hand this important trait in the family, because only such a person is able to bring its economy in order to support their families. Such a person is considered to be the head of the family, who the stronger sex and should be in principle.


There are several other masculine characteristics such as ambition, pride, honor, competitiveness and sense of adventure. They are not mandatory attributes. They are manifested differently in different people: some men are more ambitious, in others a strong sense of honor, and others – are very proud of, etc. One person can use their power for personal gain and the other will tend to good. Every real man needs to assess their strengths and weaknesses and find a better use of their traits.

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