7 bad decisions we make very often

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_kjmWBMBO1ehXlAre you tired of the constant succession of the same troubles that plagued you with a stunning cycle? If so, then congratulations you, you are doing something wrong! It’s time to learn from their mistakes, to become a full member of society and stop to eat the same cactus. It’s time to exclude from his life those habits that hold you back, get rid of dust and dirt. When you stop doing the wrong things and make wrong choices, the right things will happen in your life more often.

1. Don’t say your thoughts

Even if someone knows you your whole life, they still don’t know what you’re thinking and how you feel, so do not think that close people understand you without words. Of course, they want you to understand make an effort, but sometimes it’s much easier to call a man m…someone, than a complicated man.

For this reason, you need someone who can listen to you not to condemn. Only in this case you will have someone who really understands you and has the experience of looking into your soul, you might say, unfiltered experience. And only in this case, the pressure of thoughts and nonsense in your head can drop, and you have a chance not to go mad or not to get a couple of neuroses.

If you’re feeling depressed, you probably feel quite lonely, usually one follows the other. Share your experiences with loved ones: his wife, or someone of the parents, a brother, a therapist or a good friend. Remember that your psychological health is not infinite, to ignore it does not make sense!

2. The inability to meet the standards

Be honest with yourselves, man, perfectionism is a trap. Your expectations should be reduced or not be increased from the standpoint of your principles, but from the point of view of the situation that exists now. When you feel that you need a break, then it is better to take it. If you feel that you don’t fit in some standards, it is necessary to correct the standards, not you. To the beautiful you should come gradually, not immediately. I agree that you will not be able to lift a lot of weight without training, right? There is no such thing as perfect happiness, there is no such thing as a perfect combination. The ideal is not there, you know why? Because the bar is continually being raised. Look at pictures of old bodybuilders and compare them with modern!

3. Go, go, always go

When you’re too busy with everyday Affairs, you do not have enough time to close. You lose touch with them, and what’s even more frustrating is the relationship with yourself. Often we do not understand how to relax, and just go from one state of employment to another. We fill all my waking hours and as a result are exhausting yourself, you can’t relax. Relaxation is key to mental and physical recovery. Stop to relax when you feel things are getting out of control — this will give you the opportunity to gradually restore your mind and body to be active again and restore the connection between the objects of your thinking.

4. Change nothing and wait for the results

If we do not change the terms of the equation, it is unlikely that anything will change. The chance that life will throw you a bucket of money, is extremely small. If you want to improve yourself, please try something completely new. For example, to raise your ass and go to swing. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you have the chance get nothing in return. Wait, of course, also important, but sometimes inspiration comes during the action, as well as the appetite comes during eating. Do not worry and smile!

Often the difference between successful and unsuccessful person is that the first one to have balls to go somewhere and do something. And don’t give up after the first failure, which I agree, is important.

5. Simple, and then attempt to do 99 things

Or do you plan your time? You Wake up with the thought that something needs to be done? If not, now is the time.

How you spend your time, the best way to understand what you’re all about. Of course, you can affect every area of your life and appoint a date of death, meeting his beloved and only and a big salary. Planning doesn’t have to be long and tedious, it is usually enough just to think a little before bedtime and sit down with a piece of paper or a pencil. Occasionally on this piece of paper to even look.

Remember, you have two options when you Wake up in the morning. First way: go to sleep the second way to Wake up and follow your dream.

6. Not to pay attention to loved ones

When life get busy, friends fade into the background, because you sure loved ones will understand and will wait. But you’re wrong!

Relationships with loved ones should be in the first place. Even if the work is in the first place, but the family must also fill this niche, as well as the relationship with your loved ones. No need to convince myself that if loved ones don’t understand you and your passions, don’t understand that you’re busy and want more time for yourself, it means that they want to hurt you. This is not so, friend! Just all patience has its limits.

7. To ignore the needs of his body

Unfortunately, the human body has not yet invented spare parts, so you must protect it. Those spare body parts, which can offer the modern world cannot be considered an adequate substitute. So the body must be treated very well. Thin to be bad to be fat, IMHO, even worse. The best alternative is not to be normal, and to be fit. Fortunately, now there are all capabilities. Ignore the nasty food and not follow the example of their peers who are destroying themselves.

How would you not seem to keep yourself in good shape is much easier than it seems. You need only enough food to sustain life in him and do at least some physical activity.

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