7 apps that will make your life easier #3

We continue our marathon useful, facilitates the same simple life applications. Today we loaded in their smartphones once the magnificent seven, to do without which can not. Mm, I think you will like, because each representative solves a particular problem and solves it well.

1. PhraseBox PRO

An indispensable application that will need everyone abroad, especially if knowledge of a foreign language does not possess the quality. The program has no ads, for what the developers more Poradi.com.iovskoe thank you!

In fact, PhraseBox Pro is a PhraseBook that incorporates more than a thousand significant and useful phrases. Thanks to him, you will easily be able to rent a car to order at the bar, book a room at the hotel to do shopping or sightseeing. The interface is intuitive and simple, so to find the desired phrase is not difficult, even if you’re in a hurry. For user available 17 languages (Android version), will not be superfluous to list them all: English (GB) English (US), Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese. On iOS is currently available in 8 languages. However, their number is bound to be brought to 17. It’s a matter of time, not more. Each phrase that is voiced by a native speaker, which makes the app invaluable. You won’t look silly when you start making a strange phrase – to meet all the rules of pronunciation.

Can be used without Internet connection, and language packs are downloaded to the internal memory. The authors PhraseBox PRO promises to download additional language packs in the app, but if you buy it now then pay for them don’t have.


2. «Zen money»

A unique app that will help you control your finances automatically! You don’t even need to enter numeric values of your expenses – a revolutionary thing for a smartphone!

The app really will change your life, because, as you know, prosperity and a bright future is achieved in small steps, which are expressed in monetary terms. Sometimes you have to make important financial decisions that to us seem mere trifles, but if you look at the whole picture, you will see a lot of mistakes once made. «Zen money» is able to save you from these errors. Just install this app on your tablet and enjoy tracking all your expenses that you make on the map. How does it work? The application recognizes SMS from the largest banks of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Similarly, it imports transactions with electronic purses (Yandex.Money, Webmoney, QIWI.Purse). So you will be able to adequately assess all your finances and where the money goes. In addition, the «Zen money» helps you with planning payments and receipts, including debt, and forecast costs. Like all other people, recommend!


3. Walking War Robots

If you want to brighten up the time and relax your brain in the most relaxed way, then we will advise you the game. And not just a game, but one in which you can feel as a pilot of this combat vehicle – a giant robot with an impressive Arsenal of weapons.

I think that war in the future will be just between machines, not people. This has its pros: a spectacle, a show, and it’s just cool. So, without hesitation, download Walking War Robots entertainment is guaranteed. You will be available 16 huge robots, more than 20 types of weapons, among which there are ballistic missiles and plasma cannons. You can create a fighting machine for your own style of play. Themselves PvP battles are in the format 6 × 6 with players from around the world. Now for this game the good times, along came the integration of clans, the developers release new maps, large and friendly community never ceases to develop; in Google Play and the App Store constantly out updates.


4. FBReader

All know this reader! She was, is and will be popular. And all because free, comfortable, doesn’t kill your eyes and see all the major formats, whether it’s ePub, fb2, mobi, or html. If you are a professional reader with experience, then the app just for your smartphone!

FBReader network library combines free and paid directories. You can buy books in the app itself, but you can not buy if find free. You can configure the reader by itself. For example, to change the background color, font size, method of turning and many more. A few words I want to say about one of the chips FBReader – book network. You can sync your books between your smartphone and computer, to quietly load them, and then read using FBReader. A very handy thing.


5. Puzzle English

Is it possible to learn English books and textbooks? Certainly some knowledge you’ll get, but they will be null and void if you don’t have this practice. Mobile application Puzzle English gives this very practice. Thanks to him you’ll learn to understand English at the hearing.

The basis is the most important aspect in learning any foreign language – listening. The creators of the program offer you «videopal», which are short videos in English. Video content is broken into phrases that you need to listen to and correctly put together. Puzzles are divided by difficulty level, categories, and even accents. Every word in the dictionary there is a video case study from which you will learn the most important thing: how is the word pronounced by a native speaker. There is a section «Grammar» that tells you not only about pronunciation but also about the correct spelling of the words. Eventually a daily workout with Puzzle English will help you improve your vocabulary and understand people from different countries. You can subscribe for a month, for a year. It is better to take a year, as will cost in the end cheaper.



App from one of the largest news agencies of our country, as well as app that will help you earn if you like to expose your butt to various hazards.

But if you’re calm like a boa, from home – or foot, except that to the store, we still recommend installing it, just in case. Suddenly you will witness some important event. For the rest of the guys is the ability to feel like a real stringer, who receives a fee for the video from the scorching heat of an information explosion. The app works simply: download video LifeCorr, getting a monetary reward at the expense of your mobile phone. There is a rank system, which involves increased financial contributions. First starting as a trainee, but then can grow to agent LifeNews. The app itself is free, of course.


7. AliExpress Shopping

Comfortable topic, especially if you are constantly hanging out at Ali.

You have access to the world of great prices, discounts, promotions. All purchases are made directly from sellers in China: you buy product, the same as in your town, only for the price of a disproportionately profitable. In most cases delivery is free. The app allows you to quickly find products using filters, create wish lists, track packages, interact with sellers and much more. It is absolutely free, so put and do not be shy.


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