7 alarming questions about your bubenzer

Testicles… the Holy Grail, pride and the main wealth of any man! Nature gave you them for reproduction, and you waste them on Pornhub.

The object of male pride and a symbol of courage. In the words of Vinnie Jones, «snatch»:

There are two types of balls: big brave balls and little pederastic of eishishki.And Winnie can rely on, he will not say bad.

But like other human organs, the bells are prone to diseases and various problems. And given the kind of strategic function of balls for them and we are experiencing a lot more than your heart and even the brain. So around the eggs so a lot of gossip, fears and rumors. We will respond to the most urgent questions, or otherwise associated with egg troubles.

1. Bad if they are very large or very small?

The good news is that 90-95 % of the size of kocurek is not associated with the condition. The vast majority of guys can have children, to please their sexual abilities friends and has a normal level of testosterone regardless of the size of their «berries».

The only time the size of testes correlated with the potential health problem is when there are problems with fertility, that is, the ability to sexually Mature organism to produce viable offspring. Two little balls sharply reduce fertility, but only in case, if you already have difficulty conceiving. One well-known urologist with the alias name of Stallage said:

Most normal men, size does not affect the functional differences. They still do their job.By the way, the same doctor added one very interesting feature:

Steroids affect size. Steroids can affect fertility and testosterone levels. I have many patients who had used supplements when I was younger, and now it is difficult for them to have children.You can, of course, foaming at the mouth to prove that it is not true. Have the right, but it’s not us, it Starlaser. By the way, the doctor asked me to convey that the drugs also contribute to the compression of small bells.

2. It is normal that they are different sizes?

Testicles are like snowflakes: no two are alike. And they always slightly differ in size. According to Dr. Steineger, your beans are actually likely to be different. If you noticed a slight change in size, nothing to worry about, not to pick him. Just your body develops in this way.

Usually, the testicles different in size, as feet.However, there are cases when they are too rough and need to be attributed to the doctor. It’s not the size, but quite obvious change in the form or when you’re 30, and your egg is growing by leaps and bounds. Then you need not to just go, but to go to the doctor, suddenly there is inflammation, the consequence of trauma, infection, hernia. So each time, pulling her scrotum, pay attention to the condition of the bells. Matza without shame, but purely for the sake of his health.

3. Is it true that if a long time to finish… then you can become infertile?

Short answer: no.

Detailed answer: lack of ejaculation may cause short-term problems with fertility. Sperm cells die and clog up his «gun» their dead bodies.

Dr. Steineger says:

There is no serious evidence that rare ejaculation reduces the functionality of the testes.He also says that in order to remedy this situation, all you need to do is to defuse the clip… touch Cyclops… do your best on Brazzers… well, you understand.

4. Why do they hang when you have a fever?

Your jewels hung over the planet like bags with kernels? They are so close to the floor that you can literally tie them in a knot? Okay, regarding the site got excited.

What can I say, this is absolutely normal. Don’t worry about it. Hardcore sagging in the summer months, or when you have a fever – it’s super fine. In fact, your scrotum, unlike you, always strives to be in constant motion.

Let’s start with the basics: eggs are though under the skin, but actually outside the body. In order for sperm to develop properly, they need to feel the blow breeze and may even be in a temperature much below the temperature inside your body. When they are too high, it is a reason to sound the alarm, moreover, it is a disease, and caring surgeon to dig them out.

The muscles around the scrotum listen to your body more sensitive than you, and react instantly to any changes. There is a lot to learn from their bells. For example, under stress your pomolodevshimi from the stress of aichison need the warmth of the body, so they shrink. Simply put, the scrotum will know what to do, and if the process is painless, nothing to worry about.

5. It is true that they are twisted?

Your bullets can 100 percent be twisted, and this is no joke. They seem to swim freely in «the leather bag of happiness», but it really could happen to them such trouble as torsion of the testicle.

Sometimes one testicle due to his mobility and energy is twisted around its axis. Then there is a sharp pain in eichah and abdomen. Sometimes the testicle when torsion is often above its usual position. Sometimes there may be redness of the skin and increase its temperature. The body is so shocked, that starts to send you hints in the form of vomiting. As the scene unfolds a terrible picture: kokoshka stops blood supply, resulting in necrosis and the only option is to remove foul bells, has not yet affected the entire body. Without one of the bells can live, but without the two it is better not to live.

You need to respond instantly, after 6 hours in bells happen ischemic changes, and after 24 hours it may be too late, and only a miracle, the Lord God so talented urologist, joined forces that will be able to help you.

Incidentally, an interesting feature of people who are born with three Easter eggs (Yes, this also happens! Touch, check somewhere) torsion happen more often.

Most often, this attack is manifested in children in puberty, but fewer adults with twisted eggs not as small as I would like. So watch out for them.

6. If I have a tumor, then I’m screwed?

The main thing is not to panic, not to take a hammer in hand and not to his dignity scrambled eggs. Too early to write him off! The tumor may be safe, but ultrasound will have to go. If the tumor is inside, it is necessary to take serious measures, but if the outside under the skin are observed a kind of «Breasts», it’s just a cyst of the epididymis, and they are not worse than the threats of the student in the social networks.

In any case, a cyst or a tumor, go to the doctor necessary. Why do we seal the eggs? Us seal on the eggs is not necessary, especially because at one point they can become a serious cancer.

By the way, there are two main factors that cause egg of the tumor. The first is cryptorchidism, or undescended testicle into the scrotum. The second point that provokes the development of testicular tumors is atrophy of the testis and hormonal disturbances in the male body that relate to atrophy.

7. Why sick in the stomach when you hit the balls?

The question we are all interested in. Why, when hit in the groin, it seems that in the stomach was shot out of a cannon?

The reason is actually quite logical. Before they descend during development/embryogenesis, the testicles begin their long path to fame near the kidneys. In the end, in the womb they move from the kidneys down to the scrotum, and then – a long path of development and further exploitation.

The nerve endings of the testicles ascend to the places of his birth, that is somewhere at the level of the kidneys. When you hit on the same one, the brain, which is ready to go into shock from such impudence (it is necessary to hit the Holy!), sends a pulse in the abdominal cavity and makes you bend and pulls it to the leg muscles and pressed them. Pain in the groin can cause involuntary contractions of the abdominal muscles. And this pain feels like real pain in the abdominal cavity, when it is not.

Don’t be surprised just nature could not think of the bells normal protection like strong muscles and bones and therefore causes contraction, so you probably bent and would not get a second zvezdelina.

Although the monk clearly did not understand the essence of the problem. In his broken eggs over the years of training increased the Horny layer, protects from everything, even from the wrath of God. But don’t try to be the same! This need 20 years to learn and to be absolutely gone!

By the way, never hit a man in the «sacred purse». First, it is despicable, in our neighborhood for a beat, and secondly, facing testicular cancer and infertility. So don’t ruin someone’s life. And take care of your ringing the bells of glory and honor!

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