7 advantages of iPhone 7 compared to previous versions

Here and sale new iPhones. Now on the boxes, shines figure 7, and at the sight of the price tag arises obscene desire to take and drown the device in the toilet. However, now it’s impossible, and more. New iPhone, new bells and whistles, but should they replace the lack of 3.5 mm Jack for headphones, and meets our other desire is a question directly to you.

You can put in water for 30 minutes


Latest iPhones always were too gentle, or something. And finally, after many models, Apple finally deigned to somehow solve this problem. As it turned out, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind — it is not landing on the moon, and the presence of the iPhone 7 be pleasant in all respects characteristics as water resistance. However, the achievement of so-so, since it can only survive at a depth of a meter, and to hold a maximum of half an hour. There are several theories why so few:

1. They will add a centimeter in depth and in the moment during a dive in every following version.

2. Not enough resources.

3. Not to split hairs, because often water deprived of your life in the toilet, and there, as you know, depth is not such terrible.

I am glad that the sensitivity to water decreased, in principle, now not afraid to pull out of his pocket precious smartphone in the rain.

Now it is much faster

The iPhone 7 using the chip the a10 — evolution stood in 6S A9 chip. According to Apple, this means that the new model will be 40 % faster. New Quad-core smartphone and energy saving. As stated at the presentation, he will handle the graphics «console level». The processor allows you to perform many simultaneous tasks with minimal expenditure of energy. And really, the graphics are magical, vibration sensitive, like people in Soviet films, and in General — increased power is felt in every detail.

Improved screen


The screen of iPhone 7 is barely visible, but very important update. After all, 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 × 750, the screen is brighter by 25 %, and it now supports a wider color gamut and more vibrant color palette. The striking improvement in comparison with the previous models, but still lagging behind the Samsung Galaxy s Edge S7.

Runs longer than before

Battery life compared to the previous model, solidly increased. The iPhone 7 have a battery installed in 1960 mAh. The iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity is traditionally more — 2900 mAh

In last year’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus battery was at 1715 and 2750 mAh respectively. Thus, the battery capacity of the iPhone 7 increased by 14 %, while the iPhone 7 Plus — 5 %. As we were assured at the presentation, the battery life increased from 10 hours to 12 6s at «seven». In the model with the prefix plus, it has increased from 12 to 13 hours. This, of course, not all day, but in our time, any increase in life expectancy of the battery pleases, like rain in a drought or a funny joke in the WHC.

The photos will look amazing

The real killer feature of the new iPhones is their camera. How much of her was said, but will not be superfluous again to tell about it. This time Apple decided to use a double camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. One of the cameras got a 28mm wide-angle lens with an aperture of f/1.8 and the other a telescopic lens 56 mm with f/2.8 aperture. Thus, a wide camera captures more light, and the telescopic allows for a 2x zoom without loss, but gets much less light.

The phone decides which camera to use at a given time. The lack of lighting or macro photography iPhone 7 Plus prefer wide angle and is the optical zoom uses digital. Thanks to cropping a wide image and optical image stabilization the phone minimizes the quality loss. Apparently, the company decided that the small loss of quality is better than very dark photos. In addition, the telephoto lens allows you to shoot macro as close as this allows the wide angle.


Interestingly, when the normal photographing both cameras work in tandem, and the original photo is glued together from two different cameras. For example, when bad shooting conditions, the image processing chip can take the light parts of the frame with telescopic camera and dark — with a wide angle, thus achieving a wide dynamic range and accurate colour reproduction. Similarly, a blur effect, which, though the software is based on the measurement of the depth of field and determining the contours of the front end with both cameras.

The button is not broken, but the not become

Thank God, solved the issue with the constant breakdown of the Home button. As in the latest MacBook, button in the iPhone 7 now not moving, and the feedback module Taptis Engine most likely mimics depression. But there is one «but»: the touch button only works when you have contact with skin. So now in the winter, in forty-degree frost, will have to pull your hand out gloves to press the fateful button. Well, really, what with this weather on the street hanging around. This button will not work even with the special gloves for touch screens, here’s a caveat for the sake of reliability.

You can choose between two types of black

Now on the color palette of the iPhone is not divided into «black and white», and black with a matte anodized «black onyx» and white. About the dark color on the site says something like: «So deep and uniform black color that the boundary between the glass and the aluminum is almost impossible to discern.» But unfortunately, it will not protect your smartphone from scratches, so no case can not do. Hence the question: why do we need such a beautiful cover, if it hide me under the cover?

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