6 your extraordinary Hobbies

Zaradi.com.ua_28.01.2015_koPR8mIR0LJp4Collecting stamps long ago became unfashionable, and in some cases even dangerous. Grow plants – the lot of vegetarians to fold origami can be in old age; rap need never.

Cracking the vault unconventional ideas we found for you 6 select a hobby that it’s alright to brag to your friends, girlfriends and a mirror in the bathroom. I hope you will find it to his liking.

1. Create a Board game

Losing in Monopoly several apartments, the airport and all the cash, you proudly walked out from the table and went to draw their own Board game. Why not?

If you love the throwing of the dice and walk on the cell burns in the heart of the valiant, that insurmountable obstacles does not exist. Enough to pick up yourself and a pencil, think about the idea and start to create.

By the way, with the help of such hobby can be used to significantly upgrade a bunch of useful skills ranging from the ability to paint circles, to serious understanding of game theory.

2. To do animation

If every time you shout, «Well, wait a minute!» – next comes another from you girls, it’s time to think about what, in fact, you are not satisfied. For guys with a more robust relationship we found another great hobby: creating animated cartoons.

Don’t start whining that you supposedly can’t draw. Perhaps your art on the school Desk was not appreciated, but times change, and replaced the talent comes perseverance, a graphic tablet and Adobe Flash.

In your power to easily create cartoons like «South Park» or, God forbid, «adventure Time». By the way, this activity does not require exhausting preludes the learning of the basics of animation. Most importantly, you should have a vein Feb writer.

3. Create your own robots

Robotics is one of the most interesting and progressive in recent years, areas of electronic technology. Artificial intelligence is being improved, opening up new horizon of opportunities for the near future of the planet. Very soon you will be able to have your own homemade robot instead of boring cat or to witness the uprising of the machines, which is a bit more interesting.

In any case, it would be nice to keep up with the progress. Your fascination with robotics is not limited to reading, scrolling unpopular news or purchase costly prototypes. Much more interesting to find an old soldering iron, get some gadgets and circuits, and then to make a Teddy bear beloved friend, jump, run and go for a beer.

4. To arrange a meeting

Just imagine: you are a cute girl walking in the Park, talking, and then she asks, what is your favorite hobby. You pointedly look her in the eyes, and at that moment from the bushes begins to play violin on the sidewalk magically reproduces the silhouettes of roses, the air smells of chocolate, cinnamon, the world turns into a romantic bedtime story, and then you finally say: «I love to arrange a date, babe.»

Like it? Know that such capture can easily achieve many ladies ‘ hearts, the location you hated my friends, and even karmic blessings from the Universe. Only something tells us that your friends will telephone for an ambulance sooner.

5. To practice the occult

Sure, looking at this item, you started to write a scathing review, diluted with Holy water and gives aroma of a campfire, but stopped, realizing that we have been able to read your thoughts.

I mean, we don’t encourage you to dress in black, to find the staff, and especially to swinging in all directions predictions and a wolf tail.

Black magic for example (not suggesting anything) involves a rather serious works on historiography, practical psychology, a lot of interesting articles, similar in content with NLP, exciting and mysterious myths of the ancient mysteries.

Of course, you can (and should) hostility attitude to dressed-up magicians that promises a comfortable old age through the pension Fund, we care about each other. Let the study of magic and magic doesn’t make you closer to Hogwarts, but it certainly will expand the horizons of knowledge and make friend with astonishment to float in the air while you’re playing Xbox.

6. To grow questionable animals

Before you divorce girls to have sex, and are now making Moroccan cockroaches in his kitchen. Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

Let ant farm brought you only frustration and light bites at night, but it has long been in the past. In the world today lack any unusual animals that you can skillfully to breed.

If you’re a clever farmer or a fan of Charles Darwin, it is a hobby that is irreplaceable. You can simulate natural selection, to scare pesky guests or to dissect what randomly decided to die. Only suggest choose to harmless to your health beings: not fun to Wake up in the night in the stomach of the pet Python.

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