6 ways to tame your ego

The human ego must formally take responsibility for the many war, the number of suicides, for the offended as girls men and other riffraff. It is necessary to do something, because idiots with antlers and its a boast a lot, but in real life they can’t adapt. So all together learn to cope with this problematic part of human psychology.

1. Do the evolution of his own ego

Carl Jung taught that the struggle with my own ego and complexes is critical because the most difficult task in human life. So you should challenge yourself, then take it with grace and good humor. Your personal evolution is likely to be the most important event in your life, so give him a bit more attention, it’s worth it. Then mark the inner revolution any gift to yourself.

2. Preobreli success

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2016_6t27niWKbL7noWhen the crap «the Guy» good actor Kevin Bacon in an interview was asked whether he regretted the role that he has not played, he replied that never watching someone else’s success because it is the easiest way to ruin your own life. When you compare your achievements with the achievements of others, an objective assessment will not work.

First, you had different conditions, different roads and different from each other initial conditions. Secondly, it is impossible to compare a frog and thrush for the ability to fly. Therefore it is better to stop chasing the standards of society relative success and strive to meet their primary needs instead of screwing around that needs 2-3 influential people. You’re not going to buy a Dildo that they use some homosexuals?

You know, when you’re young, stupid and still do not imagine what a life — then you have a right to follow his comrades, and copy their needs and interests. But then it becomes something nasty and pushing people to a different folly. For example, nothing to do, they write a book — just because everyone around doing the same. People spend a lot of time, effort, energy, give birth to literary vyser, and then the public gets their nose, explaining that this is not literature, it is slag. And people have ego stuff, they forgot that the literature they on the side, and anoint themselves unrecognized geniuses, although in reality they’re just idiots.

3. Be honest with yourself.

We all from time to time there are storytellers, but no story compares to those myths and legends that we tell ourselves. The worst thing is to believe in stories that in this world you love, appreciate, adore, respect, and actually one your click surrounding reality will change their ugly outlines on the ones that you like.

Sometimes these bikes have the benefit, but most often they perpetuate a nasty set of over inflating his own ego. If suddenly such thoughts appeared in your vocabulary Arsenal, rather then take a wet towel, find a man on the street and ask him to beat you to them properly. I’d rather do this stranger than life. Although you probably seen that when you to this beautiful not hired or let to the club.

However, much worse — selling yourself short. If swollen ego at least makes you do something, the bruised ego won’t give the courage to make the first move.

4. Turn negativity into creativity

Zaradi.com.ua_22.11.2016_Lc6sUdVovCr9bAll the people talking to themselves, but not all people try to understand the meaning of what was said during these strange conversations. If the transfer of the meaning on paper, and to give psychiatrists to read the text, then the next thing you see in the street will be a straitjacket and the unpleasant sensation from painful injections psychiatric.

Self-talk is an ode to anger and hatred for everything around him. You will not be able to change anything, but you can adrenocot those who are mocking you from life. After these conversations even feel exhausted because they take power and a lot of nerve, but not useful, because the pleasure of such entertainment is very short-lived. So isn’t it better to direct the energy in a more fruitful direction, for example, creative?

Than to imagine you verbally cut her abuser (who you are in life and word against not say), go and write about him bad words or viqui knife, inlaid with human bone. Maybe this knife will be the main argument in your debate.

5. Developed tools to process their emotions

Each of us has a list of tools that regulate emotions. For example, many classic inhale-exhale-breath is the best way of dealing with anxiety. Someone to stop being lenient towards the person who this softness does not deserve, it is necessary to remember the song someone very violent and loud, like Infant Anihilator. And how’s this for a situation, when in conversation with a boring man you can’t focus on the boring stuff that comes out of his mouth?

Some take the example of the lives of the saints, millionaires and other people who always listened to the requests and complaints to the end, then certainly to help people. And let these standards and examples of lived lives far from perfect, history has remembered them only as good men. So you need to develop its own system, its tools, which can quickly switch the range of emotions to include and eliminate the ones that prevent you from thinking clearly.

6. Do something useful

No matter what anyone said, and people should be kind and fair to each other. Let this world was created for assholes and good people will always be in price.

So next time when you feel really bad after another failure, do a good deed, not to turn sour as shit. Focus on contribution, not on proof of his own courage. Go collect the trash in the yard, build a birdhouse, help the clueless students to crank out currency fraud, offer assistance for someone with repair and get rid of smokers who smoke «Donskoy Tabak» under the Windows of the pensioner-astmatics.

He did not notice how the soul will become easy and life will be the main thing — the realization that no matter how was your day, how would you not spoil your nerves, you’re still very necessary, and no one to prove the reverse can not.

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