6 ways to stop being just friends

how to stop being friendsThis story could happen at any moment of your life: at school, at University or at work. Picture this: you meet a woman you like her, you are drawn to it. She likes you, too, but «differently». She wants to be friends with you. When your friends meet girls, they have no problems: they immediately jump in the bed and never meet with their casual friends. And you in some strange hell of the other. You cultivate this friendship with the woman, hoping that one day she’ll change her mind. Can we speed up this process — we picked up six ways.

1. To go on a date with another

You want it met. But to sit forever next to her and wait for the sea weather was not the best way. It may not change your mind, you know? This not only wastes your time, it is generally counterproductive. If she sees you Dating other girls and having fun, it will interest you that is right. It will be interesting what you have attracted the attention of these beauties and what they found in you what escaped the attention. And she will appreciate you again. In addition, girls are confusing. When the dude is always there when he is ready to wait indefinitely, it somehow immediately written off. If you some time already spent as a lapdog, she is used to you like to the piece of furniture. And if she sees that you’re slipping away from her hands, it will Wake up possessive sense, and she will be scared that you can lose. You can see for yourself: it is not enough just to hang out with dudes, drinking beer and thinking about her. This will not help.

2. Flirt with her

No need to overdo it, just let her know that he is interested in her. You’re not a friend with eggs, which you can do shopping. Do you want to show that you are witty, smart and sexy. It is easy to do with flirting and random compliments. Do you think she is and so she knows already? Anything she doesn’t understand. She can do very little to understand about men. Seriously, sometimes it comes to the ridiculous. Met me such friend: dude rolls it against his testicles hard, and she doesn’t understand this and happily continues to hang out with him, calling him a friend. Which friend? So your friend may be one of them. Does not notice — hint. All will benefit.

3. Listen to her

When she speaks, and you pretend that you listen to, you actually develop the next brilliant strategy to get her into bed? Do you really like her or you just think she’s hot? You have feelings for her, which completely overlap with desire? You’re not an animal, man. Listen to what she wants to say, communicate. React like any normal person, I advise you to ask questions. And then, even more: open your mouth and tell her what she wants to hear. Works! Not for nothing do they say that women love with their ears. They like to talk, what can you do. Moreover, it can also be a double profit: it is suddenly a very interesting person and you will know it from a new angle? Or, conversely, suddenly she’s an idiot and you’re wasting her precious time?

4. Looks good

Yes, you may not be her boyfriend, but this fact does not require you to wear stretched t-shirt, don’t comb your hair and smell bad. You’re a man, and yet they say that a man should be a little nicer monkeys. Little, but beautiful, friend! So shave and raschityvaya, use mouthwash and deodorant. Always be sure that you look good. We said that in relations with women looks aren’t everything, but it is also important. We also said that confidence is half of success. Look good — feel confident — achieve success. Where did I go wrong?

5. Down with a sour face

If you’re spending time with the girl you like won’t return your love, you must serve such a sufferer of sad and pathetic. However, if you realizandeat, that life does not end with this complexity, you will find a lot of reasons to be happy, you can smile and thus send her a message. What? What are you optimistic that you’re good that you’re confident and a nice person. What more? You should spend some time, besides, it is also nice. So if she sees you in a good mood, she can conclude that you’re a pleasant type with you interesting and cozy.

6. Not every day

If you want her to change her mind about you, don’t spend too much time. You’re not a household item. You cannot use every time you have the need arises. Give her two or three days in a row, may you be fun, have fun. And then not see her for a week. Don’t even call her. When you finally dial her number or meet her you’ll see her change: she missed you. If she sees you, she had no opportunity to reflect and understand, what you mean to her, what place you occupy in her life. When you will miss her, it probably will reach that you’re the man for whom she would like to see.

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